Kingdom Chapter 402

Why does no one ever want to draft core sets zzz…

Chapter 402: MF



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57 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 402

  1. vwin

    woooohhhoooo thanks

  2. meh

    just wondering why city name still using sanyou instead of tougun?

    • LeTouriste

      good question,i wonder too

    • I’m guessing either Hara forgot or no ones told the queen that yet. It’s definitely written Sanyou though.

      Fun fact: Choyou is a mistake on our part. The ruby text looks like Hara meant it to be pronounced Chiyoyou. Unfortunately, on the first instance it appeared, our raws were so bad we couldn’t figure out what it said and guesstimated the pronunciation.

      We’ve left it as is and continued to use Choyou mostly just due to readers now being used to it / being too lazy to go back and change all of them.

      Fun fact 2: There is one other mistranslation that I’m aware of that was used once or twice in the very earliest chapters. (Unless you also count the kun on Shoubunkun / aka Lord Shoubun)

  3. Smokey

    Is it missing the last page?

  4. Dedicated supporter

    It’s back! It’s back! It’s finally back! ❤

  5. Red Hare Kaizoku

    Where’s Kyoukai?!?!

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. g0ne

    Thank you very much!

  8. Jozze

    Awesome, guys! So excited about this chapter! Thank you so much for your dedication!

  9. aer

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Also, I found a typo but correct me if I’m wrong. On p154, in last panel in the second half the sentence, should it be;
    “…we ARE in a position to drive a stake right through the state of Wei’s heart.”

    • Will review this when I get back from work but we tend to just leave minor typos as they are.

      If you read through every chapter we’ve published I’m quite certain you’ll find around 1 minor typo or error every 2 chapters.

      I’ll leave it to an actual licensed English release to get these things perfect.

      We’ll usually fix minor typos on character names though,

  10. The reason that people don’t like to draft coresets is because they are often a bit more linear and unexciting compared to other sets mostly because the core sets are designed for new players and DO NOT have draft in mind for their design. This was true until very recently anyway. That’s why cube draft and flashback drafts are popular. They offer something very different from the standard fare. Personally, my favourite draft set is saviours of kamigawa, just for how different the drafting environment was to today’s draft environment. However, I did personally enjoy m14 for how grindy and slow it was. M15 draft is definitely somewhat less exciting just because of how oppressive triplicate spirits is.

    • I know the reasons behind it. I’m just bemoaning the fact.

      M14 was a great set to draft. I would have gladly drafted M14 over any draft in Theros block. I imagine I’ll much prefer M15 over Khans too simply because I detest the morph mechanic.

      I’m actually pretty sad that wizards is making M16 the last core set as recent core sets have been my favourite sets to draft. Ah well.

    • Oh yeah, Triplicate Spirits and Cone of Flame completely ruin m15 drafting imo. They warp the whole game.

  11. djokami

    Thanks guys, great work! Have to admit, prefer the war scenes to the court drama…

  12. TebeT

    Damn , I hope the bitch dead in this (Political Arc)?
    And it will show us how Sei finaly past the Coming of Age Ceremony

    Sry Bad English

  13. LIK

    Love u guys, keep em rolling.

  14. Sol

    Thanks for the chapter!

  15. insane multitasker

    awesome – thanks!!!

  16. Gnama

    Thank you Turnip Farmers.

  17. Loving Kingdom

    First: Awesome thx for the translation.
    Second: are the copies coming out each week again?

  18. Castro2man

    made my night, thanks!

  19. makfresh22

    Thanks turnip!!!!….this manga is freaking amazing!!!!…one word for this chapter “Chaos” 😀

  20. Kimba

    While waiting for the next release, I present, for the more cultured readers, a love song in Tagalog. Though one may not grasp the meaning of the words, the raw emotions and the their message will not escape the listener. Enjoy 🙂

  21. vwin

    for some reasons I feel like we’ll see breasts and vaginas next 1-2 chapters, from the queen mother of course.

  22. vwin

    wow the author is following the exact course of history. I guess this is one big arc the finish the stuff between the young king and the other parties.

  23. Zion

    403 release today, right ?? :D:D

  24. Robert

    Will this be released within the next few hours? I need to know so i can stay up for it! I’m serious, I have work tomorrow

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