Kingdom Chapter 406

Early release to finish off the weekend!

Chapter 406: MF



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  30. X


    King magax have say someting interesing about raw 407

    ” A little error on the map on page 6. Qin should be at the northwest while Chu should be at the south, not the other way round. Probably a translation error by the chinese guys. Just take note of this in case mangajoy/turnip farmers messed up too.”

    • We translate directly onto the image so our text is always where it originally was on the raws.

      A lot of groups have translators that translate to a text file and a typesetter that copies it to the image which is why sometimes you see difference in text placement between scans of the same chapter from different groups due to the typesetter just guessing where to put things…

      I’m guessing this is what happened here. It’s actually a pretty common occurrence since groups either don’t QC releases or their QC can’t TLC (translation check) since they can’t read Japanese. (All the people that can TLC are probably doing translation instead)

      – End random notes on Scanlation processes –

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  32. Chapter will be out tomorrow guys. Was meant to be out today but I got lazy.

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