Kingdom Chapter 409

Something something holy shit 1am. Good night.

Chapter 409: MF | Read Online



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    Thanks a lot as always!

  3. Y’all are the best. Thank you!!

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    thank you. I love you guys

  5. thank you very much for your hard work!

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    Thank you very much for your work!

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    Awesome ! As always 🙂

    Seems like it’s your version that’s been published on Mangajoy this time. 😉

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  9. Shin and NoI

    Love the work Turnipfarmers! ^_^

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    awesome thanks

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    Thank you for the hard work!

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    Thanks for the chapter

  13. jozze

    Just started a PhD faaaaar away from my home in a different country. I had to leave many things behind. I’m glad reading Kingdom isn’t one of them :).

  14. Reader

    Thanks for translating this awesome chapter.

  15. X

    (Ps: lov quality raw online )

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    starting f5 attack

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    follow the F5 attack!!

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    F5 auxiliary calvry ! We ride !

  19. archers, cover the f5 army advance!

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    Thank you very much, I heard of kingdom through the light novel translation of Tate no yusha no nariagari. Everyone in the comments said it was a great manga and then I found this page, you guys are the greatest keep up the good work

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    Continue your assault, F5 troops! The Turnip Fortress shall fall before dawn!

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    Ah the traditional f5 has begun. So cool yet a bit sad there is not reward yet.

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  29. Unfortunately we won’t be able to get the raws this week until after the magazine comes out on Thursday / Friday. Expect a release on ~Saturday

  30. Zion

    why Chinese got raws too early. don’t understand why

  31. Respi

    Well… just wait till next monday and release 2 chapters … i miss old times xD

    • vwin

      yeah I share the sentiment…3-5 chapters per release, good old time.

      Turnip team is awesome. Love you all

      • Keep Calm and Flame On

        OH HELLS NO!!!!

        You both can keep your sentiment to yourself! Feeling Nostalgic? Go browse your own old photo album, or assume a fetal position inside your old crib then suck your thumb!!! Don’t ruin the fun for the rest of us by spouting this kind of nonsense!!

        “NO!” I refuse to read other subpar translation done by certain websites, which shall remain nameless since I’m not in the business of funneling internet traffic into those who shamelessly spam here!

        Also, “NO!” I’m not interested in reading some spoiler summary in whatever forum/board/blog/what-have-you. Well, at least their motivation is a hybrid of sharing plus ego masturbation, instead of monetary. Still laughable, but whatever (“Oooh, look at me… I can read chinese’s scanlation that’s released first. Neener-neener. Let me educate you some chinese names too while I’m at it, since I can’t make a distinction between historical and fictional characters and I insist they must be called by their original names, LAWL.” *flashes the chink pride gesture*).

        So, if you’re posting innocently out of pure sentiment, STFU! If you’re posting because the delay of release by TF is perceived by you to be “BENEFICIAL” for your own arses (see paragraph 3 and 4 above), maybe because you think posting this kind of nonsense somehow will persuade TF to slow their pace, GTFO! Create a paid campaign to funnel traffic, or fap your ego, elsewhere.

        — End of rant *turns off flamethrower* —

        TF, keep up your good work, keep doing what you do. Don’t fall for the pathetic attempt of a mindfuck by these two. Maximum respect and thanks in advance from this loyal fan.

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    So much hate xD

    • vwin

      I say too much weed :))

      Feel like trolling a bit so yes delay the release to fan the flame lol

      But I do feel bad for the F5 army, another retreat for the day I guess…

      • Keep Calm and Flame On

        Weed and other recreational drugs are only for those lacking the ability to produce serotonin via natural ways, or those with the lack of willpower to resist peer pressure, or for the weak-minded who can’t cope with reality and need some form of escapism. Keep in mind, I’m making the distinction between medical uses vs recreational uses. But, for a normal (I insist :p), healthy, bio-chemically balanced, individual such as myself, who is blessed enough to have numerous choice of outlets to get his serotonin kick, and who doesn’t give a flying fuck about what other people think of me (take it or leave it), which is further enhanced by the anonymous nature of the internet, I can assure you, I have zero need or want for weed. How else do you think can I maintain the full faculty which enables me to maintain a pompously self righteous and pretentious triple-A-hole-class stance like this, hmm? 😀

      • Keep Calm and Flame On

        .. continued …

        Now, alcohol on the other hand … :p

    • Yes indeed, wtf was all that? geez!

      • It’s called him making his point about “mind f***kers” mind f***king you

      • Keep Calm and Flame On

        It’s called (Un)creative trolling brought about by the marriage of Mr. Bore Dom and Miss Free Time officiated by Father Pisse D’off. The new Mrs Free Dom has even already prepared the name of their future firstborn: Expression, being a hippy that she is. Unbeknownst to Mrs Dom, her perpetual joker husband had since long ago settled on the middle name of his firstborn: … Con. Tune in next week, same time, same channel for the next chapter of the family sage. And now, a few words from our sponsors …

      • Keep Calm and Flame On


        Amen Brother! Hallelujah! In the name of Jebus and the Holy Seven Up! Preach!

    • Keep Calm and Flame On

      Hate and love are the opposite extremes of human being’s emotional rainbow. Anybody messing with one particular thing located on either end is bound to elicit the exact opposite response. I don’t think you’re ignorant of such common knowledge. Rather, your failure lies in gross underestimation of just how extreme on the spectrum some people’s (read: my) love of Kingdom can be :p . Not to mention what unused free time, previously allocated to read Kingdom, can do to an idle and twisted mind 😀 . You’re just (un?)lucky to be the first closest eligible contestant 😉 .

      • Respi

        Jebus, please help this guy to get a job, he has enough free time.

      • giudz

        Keep Calm and flame on, what about cocaine? Does it help you?
        F5ing with all the might of a broken keyboard.

      • These are probably the most entertaining comments in a while 😛

      • Keep Calm and Flame On

        @Oshit : I’m here to serve *bows*. It’s the least I can do until you reopen the donate button 😉 .

        @giudz: Lemme reiterate what I’ve said prior: when you’re high on life itself, artificial stimuli are unnecessary nor welcomed 🙂 . Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the real thing. Being high on life is an active, conscious choice, in both state of mind and lifestyle.

        — Fair warning: Long winded post in 3, .. 2, .. 1, .. —

        @Respi: Right… you mean the whopping 15 minutes I spent here a few days ago? Now, don’t get me wrong. Fifteen minutes of my time is worth boatloads of pretty pennies when I charge them to consulting clients. (Notice I said “I” there and not “My employer” or “My company”. That should give you enough clue as how unnecessary it is for Jebus to “help” me.) It’s only trolling FFS, not writing a friggin’ novel. No need to over think about structure, plot, characters, flow, etc. Just wing it, no grammar and spell checking, totally uncensored and unabated, fire-and-forget missile. Well, granted, comparatively, by your one liner standard, trying to conjure up a post like mine may seem like an eternity for you.

        And then, there’s the “Just.Over.Broke” thing. Exposing lack of creativity aside, what you wrote tells me that’s how limited in scope your comprehension of A) what a grown adult must do to climb the economic ladder, and B) The relation between time and money and freedom. I’m afraid that’s who you will turn out to be: someone with a J.O.B. (dead end or otherwise), instead of someone with a “career”.

        I could stop there, since I suppose discussing even higher tier concept with you, where being an employee, doesn’t matter if it’s a job or a career, is what people shouldn’t want to aim for, would be an exercise in futility. But, since I doubt you’re even going to read, let alone comprehend, what I’m about to say next, let me just put this disclaimer up front that the following is purely for my own entertainment, not for your benefit :P.

        Time to add this concept into your lexicon: “wage slave”. As long as you operate within this paradigm, you’re just running treadmill in the economic marathon. You’re trading your most precious and irreplaceable resource, your time, for the illusion of safety of steady paychecks, while constantly being fleeced via taxes, inflation and the occasional shock of currency devaluation. But, don’t sweat it. The majority of earth don’t get it either, much to the relief of the Businessmen and Investors types, and obviously sinister bankers, the true masters of the world, who need mindless drones to turn the hamster wheels. These are the types that understand they don’t work for money, money should work for them! Now, that’s true freedom. I’m not at the point where I can have 100% of my time being paid by my money. It’s an ongoing process, understandable for most people who weren’t born with a silver spoon stuck in their ass. But, my money slave can easily afford me the meager minutes I spent here for sure. Do you see now how differently your concept and mine in relation between free time and J.O.B, and what sort of assumption each of us derived for making comments? Yours: free time is ample and needs to be turn productive. Mine: free time is the reward of productivity therefore it’s to be enjoyed how I damn well see fit.

  33. makfresh22

    Thanks turnip!!! 😀

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