Kingdom Chapter 410

Finally here!

Chapter 410: MF | Read Online



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37 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 410

  1. X

    : – ) : – )
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  2. melvin

    Thank you for your work, these last developments have been really interesting!

  3. Cloud

    Thanks for the translations 🙂

  4. lugh

    Yeah.Thank you.

  5. Knarfablo

    much appreciated!

  6. giudz


  7. Doctor

    finally turnip farmers fortress has fallen.. We win ,guys!

  8. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  9. zenla

    No lies just delivered content.

  10. Gawayne

    Thank you fellas! Amazing as always

    However, could somebody clarify something for me: as the queen is not one with royal blood, but rather married into the family as it were, I tought there is no way her children with rou ai could really inherit the throne? or is there?

    • sororo

      Not as long as Ei Sei lives. Eastern Asian succession law isn’t that different from Salic law. Either Ei Sei will have to be assassinated, or his legitimacy should be shattered.

      (possible spoiler)

      It’s possible that Ei Sei is the son between the Queen Mother and Ryo Fui. It is mostly regarded as a slander by historians due to the date at which he was conceived and Queen Mother was handed over to Qin prince, but many history books note this rumor. The author might as well adopt it as facts. If it is the case, revealing Ei Sei’s birth will illegitimate him.

    • vwin

      I indeed thought the same when I read the lines.

      The queen mother’s children with Rou Ai has no royal blood tie so it will be hard for Quin to accept them as legitimate inheritance of the throne to rule Quin.

      Of course if Rou Ai was to stir a rebellion and declare himself king it’s a different matter then.

  11. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! As always your work is the very best 🙂

  12. thank you very much boys!! amazing translation and quality!

  13. X

    411 Raw Up
    ” And Kingdom on a break next week! ”

    Take your time with the translation.

  14. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work!

  15. christian

    thank you but. F5 F5 F5 😀

  16. All Hail TF

    I love you guys gj as always. hope you keep up your good work. sad to hear that it will be on break but i guess it has to happen sometimes.

    so lets all gather our forces for a last f5 atack because we gona have a break xD

  17. Russel

    Thanks for your hardwork. I dont thank you guys enough for the quality of your work.

  18. GonFreaksss

    Keep up the great work you guys are doing!

  19. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!!! 😀

  20. illya_

    Thanks guys!

    Btw someone pointed out to me that chapter 97-99 are missing from volume 10.

    • Respi

      read it on batoto, all chapters by turnipfarmers are there. If you read them on another site be carefull because from chapter +270 there are some translations made by one of the sites, well, you will see the diference in quality.

      • illya_

        Thanks for your reply.

        It would seem that I was mistaken though, chapter 97-99 are in volume 10.

        It was just that my zip application and image viewer sorted them in the wrong order (chapter 100-107 were shown before 97-99).

  21. Respi

    My F5 button is almost gone. 311 this week?

  22. Should be out tomorrow (Sunday) evening

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