Kingdom Chapter 415

Another year of Kingdom down~

Chapter 415: MF | Read Online



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110 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 415

  1. Ibrins

    Right when it was getting good, too.
    Cliffhangers are the spawn of the devil, almost as bad as spoilers >.>

  2. nyn

    where you guys get raw source? url?

  3. x

    when will the next chapter come out?

  4. superman

    Guys where can i find a reliable tutorial for installing and running share p2p application??

  5. aboalsmasem

    the raw was released some while ago.

  6. Loki

    A chinese scan was released a while ago, RAW’s need some specific things to be of use.

  7. viperking

    man i wish u guys would use the Chinese version if not that people wouldn’t bitch and whine when others like mj were doing so

    • X

      Many pages ago community have say:
      “We will wait all time what turnipfarmers need to do same good work as always.”

      So…. :- )

      • Kimba

        Not all, just part of the community. Others respected and thanked both.

      • otion

        i would never bother speaking for others but personally i am happy to wait for the quality releases that TF always deliver.
        truly appreciate all you do for us.
        hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable xmas break & new years.
        best wishes

  8. Loki

    It would be far more rewarding to do a spoiler script rather than diminishing the quality of the work with butchered images to work from.

  9. Odin

    any news on those raws yet?

  10. Honbo

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE KINGDOM

    Pretty please

  11. What happened? We have been waiting for quite a while now. TF, can you at least tell us what’s happening and for how much longer should we have to wait. It’s almost time for 417 yet 416 is still not out. Sorry, but I guess everybody is sharing this feeling of anxiety most specially because of that cliff hanger.

    • Xadrol

      Dude they did in the comments oshit said that they are still waiting for usable raw to show up on share. Guessing they are still waiting for a Raw that they can use because there are a bunch more comments to people who are suggesting using other raws and why that doesn’t work.

    • I think someone mentioned that the Japanese mag might have taken a week break. Not sure if that’s correct but the magazine raw still isn’t out yet so it seems like it could be true.

      • christian

        I’ve mentioned it during the release of last week. New year is a holiday in Japan and this means, most anime don’t air and weekly Magazine released before the year ends is considered DOUBLE issue (meaning a 1 week break).

      • so does it mean that we can expect 416 and 417 to be released back-to-back? now, i wouldn’t mind that because that is really something worth to wait for. 😄

  12. iskandar

    SPOILERS King Magax’s Synopsis from Mangafox

    – Sadly there aren’t any spoiler tags on Please link to the spoilers or to a pastebin rather than posting them directly here if you want to do so. I will try to approve the comment ASAP if the spam filter tries to block it.

    Cheers, Oshit

  13. iskandar

    well a majority of people were asking for spoilers, some even said they couldn’t access the website where the spoilers were being hosted. Duly noted, oshit.

  14. Oo

    Most painful cliffhanger… can’t we find some good raws?

  15. Nilvithy

    It seems the Japanese Raw are out for Kingdom 416. Just got to wait for turnipfarmers to release, so excited.

  16. zenla

    It sure has been a while since we reached 100 comments. Go Turnip farmers!

  17. Arkarius

    it takes as long as it takes, i will always wait for the turnips work! auh!

  18. xatoatox

    love it…. thank you for the high quality

  19. Russel

    No crappy work for me. I appreciate good stuff. That’s why I read kingdom translated by turnipfarmers.
    Take your time. Love your work.

  20. Robert

    ITT people with withdrawal symptoms from lack of kingdom HAHAHAHAH.. me too…

  21. swag

    is it gonna be a 2 chapter upload? or nah?

  22. the raws are out, more than 24h ago
    i need to get my fix…

  23. geroprog

    At Mangahelpers forum, Somebody wrote this:
    “The next Young JUMP issue is going to be released officially on January 22th, so we will normally get the spoiler around 18th.”
    So I don’t think we will get 417, we can be happy if we will get 416. chapter.

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