Kingdom Chapter 421

Aight, chapter done; back to chopping up Tigrex.

Chapter 421: MFย | Read Online



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71 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 421

  1. aneto

    I am first again(proud), thanks farmer back chopping tigrex..

  2. Dedicated supporter

    A fine job, as usual, good sirs and madams.

  3. melvin

    Thank you very much, a very good job!

  4. Shin and NoI

    Thank you! Awesome work as always ^_^

  5. zenla

    Damn missed the action. Oh well spoils of war belong also to me.

  6. lugh

    Thanks! I love this work

  7. #1FanEU

    A million thanks for all your Kingdom releases. You guys are absolutely fantastic. So is Kingdom. Both of you are great. Shin’s speech did not only pump up the characters in the manga but even us readers. Your translations and redrawing is great. A million thanks.

  8. LeTouriste

    yeah!!!! 1 billion thanks \o/

  9. mikeian

    Thanks for the upload! I think that it’s possible Shin will become governor of Sai when he becomes general. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oo


  11. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  12. inspiredKreatif

    woohoo!! thanks for this great chapter..

  13. Dragon

    Thanks for translating my all time favorite manga :O

  14. Maximus

    You guys are awesome!
    Thanks so much for translating these.


  15. The Questioner

    Hi, thanks for the release!
    I was wondering, why do you call yourselves turnip farmers? It sounds like it has a nice backstory- like fairy tail

    • Wrote this in the FAQ a while back. Pretty much it.

      Q. Whatโ€™s with your names?

      A: We are jaded life-long MMO gamers that no longer care about our aliasโ€™. Oshit and Gongitraped were what we used when we decided to marathon Men of War. Anyone whoโ€™s played that game should get the joke. Turnip Farmers is a random name in a long line of stupid guild names that include gems such as: Tofu, Team of Friends and China Boys Penitentiary.

      Also easier to make your character and guild when you don’t care what your name is.

  16. X

    Raw 422 online + fast translation from king ^

  17. Algarban

    Thanks TF!! great kingdom as allways

  18. makfresh22

    Thanks guys….release was awesome as always!!!!…:D

  19. Schwarzerhund

    We love TF !
    F5 in comming !

  20. belinda

    Hi when are we going to get chapter 422?

  21. matsuda87

    still waiting…

  22. desertfox69

    Aaaaaaaaah! I cant wait anymore! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase.

  23. juice1286

    So the guy comes back from vacation and already is late on the new chapter….Smh. give it to whoever was doing it while he was gone please…need my kingdom

  24. musa991

    Will chapter 422 come out today?
    And as always thanks for your hard work…….

  25. fans

    maybe out today always raw+7 day max the translated released

  26. We’re waiting on a usable raw still. For some reason, it hasn’t been released on share yet. If anyone knows a raw provider, let us know. We’d be happy to pay for earlier raws.

  27. Robert

    Ugh I wish I could get them to you in Hong Kong.

  28. seb

    I’m happy to wait for my usual TF quality.

  29. Oo

    I’m getting the shakes here, guys… I neeeeeed a fix!!!

  30. Joe Ng


  31. Sorry for the delay guys.

    Assuming we still cant find chapter 422 on Perfect Dark or Share by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be using another LQ raw (although not as bad as the Chinese raw) and releasing tomorrow at midnight. i.e. 1 p.m. UTC / GMT

    And seeing how it goes, we might switch to using those raws over share given how unreliable the p2p network raws are.

  32. christian

    seeing that there is a break this week, there is that silver lining that the wait for next week release will be shorter. LOL

    Oshit, take your time.

  33. Castro2man

    honestly why not hold out, and get the HQ raws, and make a duo release with the next chapter!

    i doubt anybody here would mind waiting for that.

  34. interusage1

    Thanks as always!

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