Kingdom Chapter 422

Belated chapter release… damn Share.

Anyway, this chapter’s using a different raw from normal. Discerning readers might notice that the grey tones are much darker than before and some detail has been lost.

Might look into remedying that on the weekend if we’re going to continue releasing with this raw instead and if we can get this raw noticeably earlier than the raws on Share.

Chapter 422: MFΒ | Read Online

Edit: Forgot to add that Kingdom will be on break for a week.



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54 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 422

  1. Thanks A Lot Was Waiting For it & First one Yayyy

  2. King Ace

    Something is better than nothing

  3. melvin

    Thank you for your work. As for the delay, maybe it would be different if there was a huge gap between the translations and the manga, but since they are head to head, I don’t think the wait makes much of a difference anyway (the bottleneck being the manga’s publication, at this point).

  4. Andrea

    Thank you very much!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Algarban

    THANKS!!! shame about the lower quality but it is understandable. Keep up! One week again its going to be hard to wait for so much time.

  6. ezz

    this will cure my curiosity
    but I still hope that you would scanlate the raw from share, even if its late

  7. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. LeTouriste

    merci beaucoup:)

  10. jozze

    Thank you turnip farmers!

  11. geroprog

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  12. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip, Ouki and Kingdamu……chapter was awesome…also thanks for all your hard work…really appreciate it πŸ˜€

  13. Oo

    I still don’t know why somebody didn’t just behead Ryofui yet.

    • dragonman

      Because he will suicide by him self…,and Roy ai will be killed, and the mother will be kicked out of the harem, and her two children will be but in sacks and killde
      This damn royfui if been killed, it will male rucus inside kanyou, and the sacrity of this forbidden capital will be loses.

  14. Sasi

    You guys must be such overachievers in life. Either way is fine, and we’re just ungrateful ignorants.

  15. zenla

    Thank you very much for chapter
    Phew dodged hell for not showing gratitude.

  16. Selden

    Thank you.

  17. Thanks for the chapter

  18. Derrick Lee


  19. Silencer

    You da best yo.

  20. All Hail TF

    Thx good job as always.
    Don’t stress about a delay of a few days. Since we are on point with the manga it only shortens the time to the next release. Good quality is more important to me than a little delay, but do as you think you made good decisions so far πŸ˜‰

  21. Aravin

    You are awesome. I’ve been following you since the very earliest releases of Kingdom. Thank you for your dedication to the cause!

  22. thanks you very much for this chapter. To bad that it will be on break :(.

  23. Tim

    Thanks guys ! I hope you’ll be able to find a raw provider that satisfies you.

  24. geroprog

    Will there be a raw chapter this week?

  25. what manga site translated 423

  26. mac

    Don’t know whether i’m right or wrong, but i think most readers don’t care about picture quality that much. 423 from ReadManga is good quality as far as i’m concerned. The translation is far more important.

    • I’d probably say that most readers don’t care about picture quality OR translation quality.

      You have a vocal minority that do care but most people will simply go to their favourite manga aggregator and not care where the chapter came from or what quality it is so long as it’s “readable” for them.

      You’ll find this is the same for most media for given thresholds. e.g. Many people use the free versions of Spotify or Pandora. They stream at 96kbps and 64kbps. Personally, I can’t listen to them without feeling like my eardrums have been raped but most people can’t hear the difference. (I’m one of those assholes who has to run M50’s through a DAC from a 320 kbps source at the minimum)

      Still, I think that while most people will find ReadManga’s version acceptable, there still exists a significant enough number of people that WILL notice a difference. Mangastreams translation of One Piece was far better than what ReadManga produced and from the few number of pages I saw (I don’t read One Piece regularly), the cleaning was far better too.

      Manga has to be at some minimum bar of quality before I personally could read it without finding it jarring. Honestly, our scanlations of Kingdom are not HQ. To get that level of quality, you need to rip it from either a tank or digital source, version chapters and re-release and probably bring on another QC / editor in order to ensure that dialogue is not repetitive.

      They are the lowest quality we can publish without compromising overly with quality and to a level which I personally find is “readable”. I would rather wait a week to read Casanova’s release of Shokugeki no Soma than have to drag myself through ReadManga’s release but I realise that for a lot of people, the opposite would be true.

      TL;DR – Yes, you’re right.

      • Not Ben

        Through I’m fine reading kingdom off of a manga aggregrators site, i usually reread your work because I remenber when you just started out in Feburary 2013. Those times were when Kingdom was ranked in the 1000s. For me, you guys earned my loyalty through your hard work and your mythical 8 chapters a week.

      • Those were the days :P.

        It’s pretty cool how popular Kingdom’s become to the extent that multiple sites are trying to speed-release it in order to generate hits.

      • giudz

        8 chaps a week… i was there too, and i still love you for that, altough i don’t give a shit about quality raw or translation as a matter of fact i trust your judgement and wait for your realese. F5F5F5F5

  27. dragonman

    I think hara must give turnipfarmers a share of the money he wins from the manga, cuz actually, turnipfarmers made him famous in the global, they translated his work.

  28. odear

    Why do u call yourself O-Shit?

  29. No7Ex

    F5 Army, Ready for Siege!

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