Kingdom Chapter 424

Ryofui: Utilitarian Ubermensch

Magic pre-release blues. Boring sealed format and cracked nothing. Bring back Innistrad draft please :(.

Chapter 424: MF | Read Online



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26 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 424

  1. One follower

    Cool! New kingdom update. Thanks a bunch …. Didnt understand a thing about the sealed format draft stuff thing, but i am sure thats cool too …

  2. X

    : – )

    Bewere of spoilers this chapter have a lot content !

    Bewere of spoilers this chapter have a lot content !

  3. melvin

    Thank you for your work

  4. LeTouriste

    A great chapter:)

  5. Thanks for the chapter

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. evaric

    Thanks for the release! 🙂

  8. Sasi

    So, the other day when oshit wrote his post on how most people don’t care/ don’t see the difference about text and image quality in the manga and gave an example of spotify free account users I felt … crushed. I realy enjoy free spotify and don’t complain about the quality (it’s better than youtube). But today I read “Fantasy Kingdom” on magabird vs. Turnip’s “Utopia” and tought – chill you have high standards.

    • There’s nothing wrong with this though. Free Spotify’s a lot better than free Pandora. I think it’s 160 kbps Ogg Vorbis on desktop which is perfectly good quality. Most people will not hear a difference between this and 320 kbps under double-blind testing.

      If you’re using it on mobile, it’s 96 kbps and you probably will be able to hear a difference but most people will not notice it unless they are given side by side samples.

      There’s no point in higher bitrates if the end-user can’t hear a difference. My friend can’t taste the difference between pepsi and coke so to him, both are equally enjoyable. I can’t stand pepsi though and would always pick coke over it.

      What’s important is quality relative to your own enjoyment, not others.

    • Incidentally, he actually believed people wouldn’t be able to blind test the difference between coke and pepsi so he bet me $10 and tried to blind test me.

      Easiest $10 of my life 😛

      There’s more to this story about how he won it back on the following day… Maybe I’ll write it up later in the week.

      • Sasi

        Yeah, there’s a reason why coke’s recipe is the best protected know-how in the world. I have a friend who prefers pepsi… always considered him weird.
        With the sound I could probably hear the difference had I been given a chance to compare. Since I’m good, I don’t seek improvements. Also depends on the music – Miles Davies requires more than Rhianna.
        Looking forward to the how-oshit-lost-10$-story.

  9. k

    aaaah super excited for next week’s! Thanks for the update :^)

  10. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  11. aneto

    just notice there is fingers in the pillar of last page :O

  12. Helena

    What’s with that Ryofui speech? With all rebellions and assassination attempts it really does not sound convincing. Considering the means, the main difference is while Sei will be exposed to the hatred and anger, Ryofui will be hiding behind the backs on the ones he manipulated or bought. Which is much safer for the leader.

    It will take more than 2000 years to realize that Utopia. And it’s still not ideal. The modern day politicians face the grave danger of not being re-elected, and the royal families had to give up quite some power and wealth. On the bright side, whatever they do, they still are able to keep their wealth and connections.

    I’m being a bit bitter here, you see…

  13. Oo

    Royfui going against violence as a means all while trying to assassinate the king and stir up rebellions within Qin for nearly 10 years.

  14. zenla

    Ah who cares how it works if it works.

  15. Algarban

    Thanks!! And Royfui doesnt make sence, if u whant to win with money over the other states, why u have to resort to violence and killing in your own kingdom? In the end the accumulation of money will make the poor countries try to invade you.

  16. Oo

    I just figured out what’s missing from Ryofui’s master plan… a dagger in his chest.

  17. Jason

    Thank you again for your hard work!

  18. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work! 🙂

  19. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip, Ouki and Kingudamu!!!….awesome release!!!….was a really wordy chapter, so I’m guessing it was more difficult than usual ^^”….Thanks for all your hard work. Really appreciate it!!!! 🙂

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