Kingdom Chapter 426

If I had a Time Machine, I’d kill whoever came up with Daylight Savings Time. Screw Hitler, that shit never works.

On a serious note: looking for a raw provider for Kingdom~ (please don’t link or email me with the Chinese raws)

Chapter 426: MF | Read Online



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35 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 426

  1. duhh

    shit just got serious

  2. X

    : – )

    And if someone don’t know what about he talking

  3. aneto

    mangasyndrom has drop ad astra, they said some group are going to resume it, if by any chance its turnip farmer?

  4. coprea

    Thanks for chapter!

  5. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Fantastic work as always ^_^

  6. melvin

    Thank you for the chapter. I find Ryofuji’s position somewhat realistic, particularly because, having lived through half a millennia of constant warfare, he would have come to accept it as a natural part of existence. Sei’s point about other states simply taking resources by force is also an obvious one. That said, there are many degrees between eternal conflict and everlasting peace, and transitioning from the current situation of warlords fighting against each other to a stable society where war is a possibility and something that could happen, but not a constant of life, is doable. Of course, the fact that humanity is capable of more than war doesn’t mean that it is not capable of war also, and even thriving societies, reigns, empires, can’t last forever. The impossibility of eradicating war for eternity, of course, doesn’t detract from the fact that the chinese empire/state/civilization cannot thrive and develop in the current situation -the internal borders need to be pacified and some basic stability ensured-. Aside from that, I wonder why only one of them is able to see the lights..

    • Oo

      It’s all era dependant…
      Ryofui’s method would be better for the 20th century than 3rd century BC. While Sei’s would be basically the other way around.
      It all comes down to the society and the ideas that have already been ingrained. It’s something that can’t be changed overnight.

  7. Mercid

    Don’t make me cry -Thanks Turnip Farmers.

  8. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  9. evaric

    Thanks for the release!

  10. Loki

    Any luck with contacting Imperial Scans?

  11. zenla

    Personally I view human nature as half darkness half light. Because humans are capable of both.

  12. Oo

    Is it true there’s a massive (couple weeks) break, or was that just, hopefully, a nightmare?

  13. Not Ben

    The first episode of Arslan Seki made me sad. Just imagine how popular Kingdom would be if they used the battle animation from Arslan Seki instead of the sub par 3-d cgi.

  14. Algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!

  15. geroprog

    Thank you!

  16. Gaijin

    If you watched National Treasure, the movie, Benjamin Franklin’s name came up. #daylightsavingstime

    And thanks for bringing us Kingdom. I have been on tenterhooks after catching up with the latest arc.

    • Sasi

      Yeah, Franklin put the idea on the table but Germany took it seriously because of the war and actually changed time. So let’s agree to blame Hitler.

  17. Anon

    Speaking of raws: do you guys know what happend to 10thmystery? I would have suggested to contact him and pay the 10bucks for a raw. He had clearly the best quality

    • Your guess is as good as mine.

      We know absolutely nothing about people in the scanlation scene since we’re basically independent (just 2 guys scanning Kingdom…). All the help we’ve ever had on Kingdom including our joints has really just been from individuals sending us an e-mail themselves.

      I had no idea who 10th mystery was/is until you commented and I googled it :P.

      • Shin

        I don’t know if you are aware of it but you could open a request at mangahelpers that you are looking for a Weekly Young Jumo raw provider. There is a extra section for scanlators:
        In the worst case you could ask this guy: He is willing to buy any magazin but you would have to wait 2-3 weeks – depends on the shipping

        I was wondering did you ever ask TDX scans ( for help? They scanlated Liar Game which run in Young Jump as well.

      • Cheers, might post something there if I can be bothered making an account

        2-3 weeks is far too slow. We need releases a week before the magazine is even released.

        TDX released liar game weeks after the magazine releases as well. As far as I know, the only group working on Young Jump titles and releasing before the magazine release is Imperial Scans. They can’t help us though sadly.

  18. Shin

    Wrong link! Here you can find the area to ask for “resources”

  19. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapter guys!!!! 😀

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