Ad Astra Chapter 9

A new project!? We’re finally picking up another series. One or two of of you guessed it in the comments earlier that we’ll be scanlating Ad Astra – Scipio and Hannibal from now on.

A big thanks to Rebel and Manga Syndrome who originally began scanlating this series and helped us start working on it after he handed the project over to us. Also, thanks to Ace from the comments who let us know about the manga in the first place. We never meant to pick up another historical war manga but hey, it looks like a pretty interesting read.

We’ll be keeping the fonts and styling of the manga fairly similar to the previous work done by Rebel and will release 2 chapters per month at the very minimum in order to eventually catch up (Ad Astra is a monthly series with 6 volumes currently out).

We’ve both forgotten most of the ancient history on Rome we studied in secondary school but hopefully we won’t make too many mistakes.

Some other admin stuff, the file server will be turned off at the end of the month. Groups that are using it for our PSDs to translate it into another language, feel free to contact us via email or in the comments if you’re after the latest PSDs or cleaned raws and we’ll send you a dropbox link.

Chapter 9: MF | Read Online



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31 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 9

  1. X

    Good luck, and as always. i will read and comments.

    : – )

  2. Not Ben

    You guys are the best

  3. ISB

    Holy fuck, I was really surprised to see Turnip Farmers on Batoto releasing a non-Kingdom title. I’m looking forward to this, looks to be great – love you guys!

  4. Gate777

    Thanks for picking this up!

  5. Aleks

    Excellent choice!
    We have 5 vol out in France, and it’s rather good
    keep going !

  6. mac

    For the past few days i have watched several documentaries about the roman empire and to be honest, i was kinda bored. chances are high that i will drop this manga, it lacks the special something to hook me up…

  7. doomroar

    Hell yeah this remains alive! thanks guys.

  8. aneto

    I knew it,, the moment mangasyndrom drop it, turnip will take it 🙂

  9. Algarban

    Well we will follow this new manga, if its half as good as kingdom thats more than enough. Thanks again for your hard work

  10. ace

    thanks alot for picking it up eventually. i assure you guys it will be an interesting ride. by the time turnip says all is well and done we will have known Chinas past history and here comes Romes past history. hannibal and scipio together with Alexander the great were hailed as the greatest generals of all time. (some would argue its riboku, ousen or hakuki and renpa). now we will find out for ourselves. turnipfarmers unit BANZAI

  11. 1

    How come you jumped straight to chapter 9? I thought the other scan group only went up to chapter 6.

  12. Anonymous

    Yahoo, thank you so much for picking this one up you guys! 🙂

  13. I was worried about this one, thank you so much.

  14. Anon

    You’re frigging awesome! Thanks for picking up Ad Astra

  15. LeTouriste

    hum…i will try this:) looks great

  16. jozze

    Cool! If it is interesting enough to catch your attention I’ll definitelly give it a shot! 🙂

  17. ace

    i saw the clip of age of empires. nice strategy game. empire earth 2 was my fav

  18. C Man

    Darn i wished you pick Red Eyes but this is a good pick too!!!

  19. I will read any turnips you pick.

  20. Little Me

    Good for you, you should have a hobby. How’s the next Kingdom chapter going?

  21. CptnSuz

    OMG, thank you so much for picking this up! I dispaired of this ever getting scanlated because it’s an older series. Many thanks!

  22. hellow there turnipfarmers ,, thank you so much & good luck
    about the cleaned raws of this manga can i have it 🙂
    i think i will translate it too.

  23. melvin

    Glad to heard that, I have read a bit of it, and it seems like a very good manga. Once again, thank you for bringing the Kingdom scans up to par with the manga, it’s definitely something that couldn’t have been accomplished without you, and you have shown remarkable consistency when carrying out this project -part of it has been focusing on one thing at a time and realistically assessig the time and resources, at least until you have gotten to the current place where you can afford to take up another project-.

  24. Jeffrey

    thank god turnipfarmer translating an awesome series. I love the series just like kingdom. I hope you guys will keep it up!

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