Kingdom Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: MF | Read Online



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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 428

  1. Ambl3cloud

    Wot woot first comment, f5 army strikes again, thanks turnips farmers

  2. melvin

    I have to say, an action chapter was a nice change of pace. Author really has the talent for rising up the tension and blood boiling action scenes. By the way, till now the palace girl has only heard of Shin through rumors… will be interesting to see their interaction. On the other hand, the harem has been a problem from the time of the king’s grandfather (the business with his daughter), by surprised the old emperor didn’t bother cleaning it up a bit after discovering the truth about that business.

  3. aer

    Yay!! Shin’s finally here! Where did you pop out from Shin? Over the wall? Without been noticed or heard? And while wearing all that armour?

  4. geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. Sasi

    i miss action and Ou Hon …

  7. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  8. juice1286

    Is the raw that’s out now for the next chapter bad? I can’t tell the difference honestly but I like your translations better.

    • I’ve uploaded some side by side comparisons here:
      mouse over the images to see the differences.

      Image 1: Note Ouki’s armour. Loss of detail with parts of it turning into flat blocks of grey / black. Most of the crosshatching in the image has also been replaced with solid colour. The flames above Duke Hyou have been warped by some sort of weird cartoon filter? Overall image is a lot starker due to overleveling (too much solid black against white.

      Image 2: Same issues. Take a look at the bottom of Shin’s foot. In one of them, it’s completely black.

      Image 3: Weird cartoon filter is making all the light motes look like solid rings of colour. No gradients on the greys on the top right of the image. Detail on the clothing around Sei’s waist has been lost as well as that thing he’s wearing on his head. Lighting / Shading along his shoulder etc has disappeared making his clothing look a lot more 2d.

      Image 4: top right panel: note the loss of detail on the ceiling. Top left panel: the floorboards have somehow turned into one giant grey slab. The backgrounds Hara uses in Kingdom are really detailed. couldn’t be bothered looking harder for a better image but the same sort of thing happens everywhere and particularly in the throne room. If you closely inspect everyone’s armour, he draws every army’s armour differently too.

      These Chinese raws are actually a lot better recently. A few months ago, they used to be even worse.

      The problems with the Chinese scans are due to overleveling and improper use of cleaning filters. I know they’re actually working off the same quality magazine raws as us which makes this a real shame. Getting a proper clean done doesn’t take that long. Sadly, whoever’s cleaning for them is probably running it through a (bad) batch automation script rather than taking an hour to do it properly.

      Heck, I’d clean it for them for free but I have no idea how to contact whoever does them.

  9. inspiredKreatif

    great chapter and great work.. as always.. thanks..

  10. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  11. evaric

    Thanks for the great work guys! 🙂

  12. Jagd

    So, the third member for Shin’s personal harem huh? Truly a great general under the heavens.

  13. Margaret Brown

    Thank you ! I hope these two become friends kaka. Action is back !

  14. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip, Ouki & Kingudamu….awesome release!!!….really appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into this manga.

  15. Algarban

    Thanks TF, needed my kingdom dose!

  16. Anon

    Here’s the quick translation of 429 if you need your fix before the end of the week! It’s real good you guys, I can’t wait for TF drop their version!

    • X

      So you suuporting page who is stealing ppl from here. What taking from you “advertising and cash for visit” . Nope, i don’t suuporting page who is stealing ^

      • Anon

        This is the internet man, people will go where they want whether you like it or not. Since they’re basically doing this for fun and it doesn’t take cash out of their pockets, I really don’t see the problem. The only people getting stolen from are the brick-and-mortar publishers, and that’s not what you’re worried about from what I can tell. These fast scans are just a quick fix while I wait for TF’s real deal on the weekend.

      • I don’t mind people posting these links that much. People are going to read this regardless of where it is.

        I would prefer that you link to an aggregator not affiliated to readmanga though like MangaFox or MangaBird (now MangaMint?) since it lowers the hit count on their site.


  17. X


    Could you update DLL. Also giving that on one rar will be help ^

    • File Server will be taken down at the end of this month, Volume batches / PSDs will be re-uploaded to Mediafire links after it expires.

      We really only paid for the server as a place to work out of and also because we were getting all our files removed due to copyright notices at one point.

      If you’d like another file share service other than Mediafire (e.g. Mega), just suggest it here and I’ll consider it.

  18. Tim

    Hi there just here to say 3 things
    1st. I’m so glad Shin made it in Time
    2nd. I’m rly glad you take up the Challeng with a nother Series
    3rd. Turnip are tage best!!

    Ps. Sry for spelling. English is Not my mother toung

  19. Originalbbb

    I ship Shin x You

  20. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip!!!!

  21. makfresh22

    Thanks Ouki & Kingdamu scans!!!

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