Ad Astra Chapter 10

Ad Astra: manga of many double pages

Chapter 10: MF | Read Online

Also, here’s a v2 of page 9, only difference is we stitched a double page we missed together.

Chapter 9v2: MF



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21 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 10

  1. Dragon

    Hannibal is just 2strong4me

  2. ace

    thanks for the chapter. imagine if they would have killed scipio at that moment the course of history would have changed though not by much.

  3. jozze

    So OMG! Wow! Much interesting!

  4. Oo

    Any hope for a somewhat weekly release schedule? If it’s too long, I just forget what happened in previous chapters.

  5. Algarban

    Great chapter, thanks and nice manga selection

  6. This is becoming one of my favourite manga.

  7. Tek

    Since Turnip picked this, is it a good read? How is it compare to Kingdom?

  8. juice1286

    mmmm.idk. the characters seem a bit dull to me. I enjoy the tactics in battle though.

  9. rebel

    thanks for the chapter.

  10. matsuda87

    awesome manga…thanks to the turnip farmers who did translated this chapter, and because of that, I read this manga….this is like some of recommendation actually…hha

    and then…when the new chapter will be release?? we want more…we want more :p

    • We’re scanlating 1 chapter of Ad Astra every 2 weeks. They’ll probably come out on Wednesdays or Thursdays

      • matsuda87

        So it only 1 ch every 2 weeks T.T
        I thought you guys will translate this manga like a mad dog that release multiple chapter every week just like the old time… *LOL

        Well, can’t be helped…we’ll just have to wait for the new chapter then 🙂 more question, how many chapter/volume that already released in Japan (country of origin)?

        • Not sure what the current chapter in Japan is but the last chapter of volume 7 is chapter 45

          • randomreader

            In a previous post you wrote that you’ll “catch up with a pretty relaxed schedule”, but I hope you realize that if ad astra (latest chapter being 48) is released every ~30.44 days and you translate one every 14 days (with next one arriving next week), it’ll take you 31.5 months to catch up to chapter 79.
            btw, thanks a lot for picking it up

          • Seems about right. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe we’ll pick up the pace after familiarising ourselves with the material. Can’t promise anything though.

  11. SAM

    Thanks Turnipfarmers ! Another EPIC Manga 😛

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