Kingdom Chapter 430

So file server’s finally down for good.

I’ve copied the volume batch files to mega and you can find these on the DDL page at the top. We’re using mega only because it’s the easiest to maintain. I’ll get off my ass sometime and upload batch files for volumes 37-39 sometime this weekend.

Let me know if any volumes are corrupt etc. Already found one which I’ll have to replace.

Anyway, here’s the release:

Chapter 430: MF | Read Online



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27 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 430

  1. Turken

    First time in my life doing this


    and Thank You ^_^

  2. Gawain

    And second 😛

  3. Woohoo ! My F5 key can rest in peace 😀

    Thank you very much for the new chapter, I’m grateful 🙂

  4. Danke Sehr

    Stronger than Moubu? Thanks Turnip

  5. Okami

    Great chapter, thanks guys!

  6. Random

    Chills at the end

  7. evaric

    Thanks for more Kingdom!

  8. juice1286

    Thanks a lot! Everything makes sense now. Man the guys that translate before TF does suck…going to just start waiting instead of reading it early then reading it again when TF does it right. Lol

  9. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  10. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the amazing work again.. 🙂

  11. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Great work as always ^_^

  12. Gnama

    Thank you !

  13. Zenla

    Glorious turnip farmer race!

  14. lollers

    *Takes time to write this comment just for the sake of the awesome work you guys put in this cleaning/transalation*

  15. Hyou

    Hi all
    Does anyone know whats up with mangafox atm?

    431 imageS…. Can anyone tell me wtf is going on haha.
    Anyone got a full raw?
    I normally get summaries from mangafox and then read turnips release….the suspense is unreal….

    • Christian

      I rather read the speed translation than the raw, it is just a few days wait. Then always head here at turnip every Saturday.

  16. Digit

    Just wanted to toss in a question about the mega volume batches – there’s a number of .1 files that seem meant to be attached to the end of the volume files (like 360.1, 371.1, 382.1), but they don’t seem to be in the volume packs for 33, 34, and 35, respectively. Are there others I’ve overlooked as well?

    • Short answer: No.

      Long Answer: There’s meant be a .1 for every volume after 32 since it’s the omake/bonus stuff that only gets released with a tankobon volume, all the previous volumes have the bonus included with their volume batches since we were working off volume/ebook scans.

      If you don’t see a .1 for a volume then it either means it hasn’t come out in print, and hence no content bonus for us to translate, or it just means we haven’t gotten around to buying and doing the bonus yet.

      • Digit

        I -have- the files mentioned (360.1 (33), 371.1 (34), 382.1(35))… I was saying that those volume packs in the MEGA folder are missing those particular files. (Actually, I see 360.1 available separately after 33 in the MEGA folder, but not the other two). Or are you planning to re-do the volumes again with new raws?

  17. Algarban

    Thanks again!! great work!

  18. LeTouriste


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