Kingdom Chapter 431 and Drafts

So, we’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally gotten off our asses to do it. We’ll be releasing a draft each chapter a few hours after the Chinese raw comes out based on that and re-releasing a HQ version off Japanese raws after a week (as normal). So a few things to note.

  • We’re translating from Chinese to English for these drafts so it may be slightly inaccurate and will be TLC’d on the HQ version from the Japanese raw.
  • I’ll simply be updating these posts with the HQ version when it comes out rather than making a new one all the time.
  • You can tell it’s a draft because the raws look like ass, it’s marked as v0 on batoto and we also helpfully included this awesome watermark! Seriously… anyone who watermarks manga deserves to be shot.
  • If you see any errors (grammar etc.) you can leave them here in the comments and we’ll fix them in the HQ release.
  • Still looking for a raw provider. E-mail us if you can help out. We can offer you many turnips.

Chapter 431: MFRead Online 



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46 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 431 and Drafts

  1. Jun Ganteng

    thanks guys, i never expect to u guys to release v0 this fast, well im always wait for ur usual final version to re-read

  2. doomroar

    Ugh i got excited and then, dem watermarks, i will wait for the actual thing, but thanks guys.

  3. ifoughtweptbleedforpants

    will come back here for hq version
    thanks for your hardwork

  4. Anon

    I weep for the watermarks…
    But to get it early is also very tempting >.<
    Will re-read for the HQ
    Thank You XD

  5. Love this, i just can’t wait to read kingdom as fast as possible XD
    The temptation when a new chapter comes out… ughhh… Even if it’s not top notch i’d still read it.

    Thx as always, and thx for this new policy 🙂

  6. mac

    Even if you translate it while sitting on the toilet with diarrhea, i’ll still read yours and not the other one. HQ or no HQ, i’m more interested in the story anyway.

  7. belinda

    Great decision guys, so we can enjoy kingdom twice. thanks a lot

  8. You are doing God’s work. Umbasa.

  9. Thank you for the update and new ways you guys do it. For me, it isn’t considered as watermarks at all cause you quality is always good ^^ Couldn’t be more surprised and happy at the same time because of this fast release, keep up the good work!

  10. franco

    praise the turnip lords!

  11. Dan

    Awesome! Thanks. this makes me so excited!

  12. X

    aVE To turnips and turnipfarmers

    : – )

  13. insane multitasker

    Awesome! I don’t mind reading twice, it’s like going to a show and seeing an encore performance! Great work guys

  14. LeTouriste


  15. milkydud and giggled

  16. You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Random

    Loving the DEATH!!!

  18. juice1286

    Yes! Great idea! Thank you!

  19. Tim

    There’s no Japanese raw guys… so we’ll translate from Chinese. xD You make it sound so easy ! Thanks a lot and congrats again for your great work. I’m glad the quick translations will also be your work.

  20. PantherFangs

    Back on top! Keep it up farmers! And thanks!

  21. Turniplover

    It is very nice of you, to watermark, only the part you couldn’t redraw 🙂 Poor farmers :))

  22. titanblueprint

    You guys are the GOAT scanlators. Thank y’all so much!

  23. Thanks for your work, I’ll be waiting for the HQ version.

  24. wolfie

    this is awesome way better than reading the raws and ill definitely read the HQ version this weekend thanks for all the translation TF

  25. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  26. Joe Ng

    Thank you. Its just as good to me.

  27. Trung

    LMAO “we offer many turnips”

  28. Shin and NoI

    I think I’ll stick with the HQ releases, but I’m glad to see a turnip alternative for everyone who can’t wait!

  29. Okami

    You are an amazing duo, thank you very much!

  30. matsuda87

    WOowwW…so early…I don’t even realize this release. Awesome
    Thanks you again guys…

  31. Algarban

    Thanks!! I think its a great idea, we can see the story first and later see the changes in quality. Nice idea and great work!

  32. Keep Calm and Flame On


    Thank you for doing this, FINALLY! *Two Thumbs Up* (LQ then HQ.) Fuck those so called “HQ aficionado” who claim their eyes accept nothing less than perfection. Fuck that! Shiiiieeet, even TF uses the over-filtered LQ and tell these mofos that it’s HQ, they wouldn’t even know the fucking difference LMAO. HQ aficionado my rosy smelling ass! (You know who they REALLY are if you read my posts a few months back.)

    All we care about is the STORY and good translation. With this, no more unbearable sloppy 3rd rate rush job, which we endured anyway because we love Kingdom that much we just can’t wait! We do always comeback to read TF’s work of course. But, for better translation to enjoy the STORY more, not for the ART! Fuck that shit! With all due respect to Hara Yasuhisa, he ain’t Monet or Degas or Inoue Takehiko. No, Hara Sensei’s genius is his STORYTELLING. This is where Kingdom outshines ALL other mangas out there. If someone tells you they’re HYPED over Kingdom due to its ART, then they’re lying out of their ass, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you LOL!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU TF for your decision of doing fast LQ!!!

    (To the operators of shameless websites and to the mental masturbator I’ve mentioned in my old post: guess which finger I’m holding up now! LOL!)

  33. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!!!!…would read the HQ scans when they’re released…..really appreciate all your hard work.

  34. Gnama

    Thank you !


    Well your “bad” version is still a lot better than other translations. I normally read the chapters quite often, because i just can’t resist the temptation to read the chapter as fast as possible.
    But sometimes i have the moments, where i think, that the translation doesn’t make sense or ist just plain stupid. Then your version comes out and everything is fine 😀

    So i’m rly thankful that you keep up the quality in your translation 🙂

  36. notsoop

    re-read it again and again!!!!!!

  37. Oo

    Mou Bu has yet to make his appearance.

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