Ad Astra Chapter 11

Poor Mr. Cornicen.

Chapter 11: MF | Read Online



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12 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 11

  1. Haha!

    Thanks guys! Ad Astra is awesome! =p

  2. Zenla

    Where one must win one must lose.

  3. shyll13

    thx. I hope you might be considering opening op the donations again soon.

  4. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.!

  5. matsuda87

    Yyyyeeaahh…Thanks you….awesome as always

  6. jozze

    Thank you so much, Turnips! 😉

  7. Algarban

    Lets get the new manga, i feel its a little bit behind kingdom but its still a good historic manga. Thought the draws could be better, its just as kingdom in its middle volumes.

  8. Francesco

    Once again, a great discovery thanks to you guys !
    Damn, I already can’t wait for more !

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