Kingdom Chapter 432

14RSowlhat Edit: HQ Released. Differences:

  • missing bubbles
  • Wateji -> Wategi
  • The banners of the Juuteki shall rise up again. -> The blood of the Juuteki shall boil up once again.
  • ah! d- -> -qin army! army! (guessing chinese scanlators didn’t realise this was an echo?)
  • the enemy is a formidable fighter himself, my lord -> It would seem the enemy is quite the courageous fellow. (actually typo’d here… going to fix.)

Also forgot to mention, Kingdom’s on a 1 week break until the next release. Chapter 432: MF | Read Online



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    Thank you Turnipfarmers! ^_^

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    Turnip banzai! Turnip banzai!
    i really appreciate reading your version instead of random ones.
    Good work as always 🙂
    and above that a greater honor Doing iT.
    Thanks and have a nice day!

  5. Thanks, cute owl ❤

  6. One follower

    Thanks for the good work! Also nice release picture… Heh… Is it Oshit or gongitraped with the hat?

  7. cyatek

    it’s pretty sad how the .today website keeps stealing your shit, this time they even erased the watermark lol

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  9. Oo

    Poor Shin, not being able to bag the Duke’s head. At least he got the idiot son, I guess.

  10. Gawain

    I’m constantly waiting for shin to make an appearance and steal the day. Guess the merits of this one go to the chief tough

  11. juice1286

    Great chapter. Great translation. Much better than any others that release chapters early. Now to track down that bastards hanoki. Hope Shin captures him and he snitches on ryofui

  12. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  13. Seth

    You’re a legend. CHeers!

  14. vwin

    I don’t see much difference between this and the high quality before, however very happy with the early release.

    Much appreciate for your work turnip guys. 🙂

  15. Castro2man

    awesome work! love you guys!

  16. Oo

    All of Ryo Fui’s pieces have yet to make an appearance. I doubt this battle is over.

  17. X

    : – )

    When / where i can find 431 HD ?

  18. Mage

    thanks! You guys should take on Historie if you ever have some extra time. =)

    • Historie is a nice one. Do not know why so long for new chapters but you could have a talk with Hox Scans.

      They have done Genghis Khan manga also. Just finished reading it. it’s a nice one!

      I would love to see a scan continue SOUTEN KOURO. That is a really nice one! =p

    • 1

      There’s no need for them to do Historie unless they really want to. Hox covers Historie, but currently he’s resolved to finish up the completed projects like Sangokushi one at a time instead of doing a chapter here and there for everything like he was before. I think Vinland might be an exception though.

      Historie is bi-monthly anyways, we aren’t even behind 5 chapters.

      • Last thing I’m going to do is scanlate something Hox is scanlating. The guy is one of the few people I actually follow releases for given that I don’t actually read much manga nowadays.

        • Hox is doing a nice work. Agree with you, no need to take Historie, they are not even with a big delay.

          But what do you think about Souten Kouro? Would that be a possibility? =p

          Sadly, there are only less than 20 chapters released and the scan that “is doing” well…. they take TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to release a chapter. :/

          • I leave yet another suggestion: Gifuu Doudou

            Well, the scan Indomitable Cloud has done 14 chapters and then stopped. It has 6 volumes, so it is rather short. would love to see it complete. =p

  19. carlos

    Thanks! Now I have a nice translation early on the week to quench my thirst and a very nice HQ version for the enjoyment of my eyes at the end of the week. You only make me more grateful every week since those glorious 5 chaps a day times when I was refreshing the browser 20 times/hour. All hail the Turnipfarmers!!

  20. Gnama

    Thank you !

  21. I’ll read it for the third time, it appears I just can’t get enough of this manga. Great work as always, thanks guys.

  22. mac

    the .png say “c431″… easy to batch rename bute anyway…

  23. No7Ex

    F5 Army, Ready your Siege Equipment!

  24. hibyeman

    so should we expect a chapter somewhere around sunday-monday? or is it not until next weekend? just wondering. and thanks for doing the fast LQ release its always nice to have an excuse to reread Kingdom and get our fix a little earlier lol.

    • Next chapter should be out on the upcoming Sunday (the 31st) or Monday.

      We’ll start working on it as soon as we’re aware the Chinese one has been released and so long as I’m not at work.

  25. teeee

    ah! d- -> -qin army! army! (guessing chinese scanlators didn’t realise this was an echo?)

    can I know, why chinese scanlators get the raw first?
    I assume the raw supposed to be japanese language?

    • Leaked raws.

      Weekly Young Jump and all magazines that are sold internationally are shipped to other countries well before they actually officially released so that all bookstores can release the magazine at the same time.

      You are only allowed to sell the magazine on the set release date but if you work at the store, you can scan them and charge people or scanlation groups money for early access (illegally).

      The Chinese scanlation group are doing this and typically release on Sunday or Monday which is almost a week before it is even available to the public for purchase (even in Japan).

      Sadly, every Chinese scanlation I’ve ever seen is lazy and doesn’t put much effort into cleaning the raws which is why all their releases are pretty low quality.

  26. Muhammad Awe

    u read manga bokko?
    ’cause it looks like the story clash with Qin too..
    although a bit different in name used…

    • 1

      Bokko is a completely alternate take on the same timeline. The perspective comes from someone who is part of a Sect that fundamentally should be against Qin Shi Huang, but the story itself presents the Sect betraying it’s principles with the exemption of the MC who is portrayed as righteous and all that and even slides in some nationality by making him an ancestor of the modern Japanese.

      Ironically, it’s people like the MC from Bokko and such Sects that caused QSH to burn so many books and scholars in the first place, because they kept preaching their own beliefs and wouldn’t unite under legalism thereby becoming potential seeds of dissent. Whether or not all the different opposition had legitimate merit, or whether there was bias and corruption on the Emperor’s decision when he decided to go burninating is another story though I’m sure most people would think it’s a bit of everything and no one was innocent.

      It’s also old school, so while you don’t have super human Chinese generals farming fodder like Tou, you have random hobos manipulating entire flocks of insects. Very interesting if you compare the two from a writing perspective and how times have changed in respect to story telling.

    • that’s a manga I haven’t heard mentioned for a while… I read it close to a decade ago.

  27. jozze

    I miss Kingdom … and Ad Astra now!

  28. Anon

    Hmm , dunno…
    But I prefer “Slained” then “Felled”
    It sound’s cooler , but I guess it’s just Me
    Thank You~

  29. makfresh22

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  31. Tom

    It’s already 2 days that raws are out. Please can you tell when you van translate it? Thanks.

  32. rash ninja

    woah wheres the chapter lol

  33. Oo

    Two weeks without my fix…. I can’t keep on living like this…

  34. juice1286

    Can’t…wait…much…longer. Lol man I can’t wait until a raw gets out

  35. GGan22

    Wasnt it supposed to be a one week break?

    • Yes, there’s a few things going on with the Chinese scan group though so no chapter was leaked / released early. I’ll probably post up a summary of the chat on the Baidu Tieba Kingdom page along with the next release.

      The chapter was actually released officially yesterday. The raws on share should be up today and we’ll release tomorrow night.

  36. memorium64

    New F5 army! Ready to intercept!

  37. franco

    f5 army i call to you

  38. 433 raw is out 🙂 , eagerly waiting for the translated release

  39. Wait for the day after tomorrow, I hope there will be 2 chapters 😀

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