Kingdom Chapter 433 and Stuff

Baidu Tieba Kingdom group Cliff Notes

  • Previous group that was working for (Chinese aggregator) dropped it
  • Random speculation that they weren’t making enough money
  • Some other group has picked it up
  • No idea if the new group has access to leaked raws or not
  • The new group just released the latest chapter last night off of Share raws (what we use for our HQ release)
  • Their image quality is actually good and way better than the previous groups (leshen)
  • i.e. their cleaner actually cares about doing a half decent job. Alhamdulillah!
  • We’re going to continue releasing off of the first available raw.
  • If the new group has leaked raws, I’m going to have to make an Ouki dance sequence watermark or some shit to cover theirs.


In other news, I’ve re-opened the donations for the hell of it and also as an experiment. You can donate using the button on the right. I’m going to continue tallying up the total donations on our wallet page and on the widget on the right. I’m manually editing these when I see them so don’t panic if you don’t see it update immediately. Make sure you flame me or mention it in the comments though if i forget. I’ll probably screenshot my paypal account statement as a monthly review thing if we actually get anything.

So, the experiment. Well, what’s going to happen is that all the donations over the year will be donated to a charity (probably Cancer Council Australia) maybe we can have a vote at the EOFY. I’ll match every dollar donated up to some sane limit and I’ll frame the receipt and post it or something.

So why donate if it’s just going to go to a charity? Well, charity is tax-deductible so really, you’re donating both to the charity as well as us! Sort of anyway… Technically, we’ll be running at a slight loss if I match every dollar… What other site offers to go broke and homeless from your donations!?

The thing you actually came here for

Anyway, here’s the chapter.

Chapter 433: MF | Read Online



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51 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 433 and Stuff

  1. One follower

    …. Sigh everytime I try to write Yay this damn autowritefixthing turns it into gay…… Wow now I think it actually worked. Gay!…. Oh for crying….. Sigh well shit…. Anyway thanks for your work and commitment to go broke… Iam a bit confused about whether donating you money now is actually good for you and if i should do it ….. Well I am sure I figure something out eventually. Take care in the meΓ€ntime…. Sigh….

    • Well, think about it like this. In a normal scenario, essentially what you think you’re donating towards is helping us pay our bills.

      Thankfully, it’s 2015 and it’s possible to operate scanlation groups and websites for free so there really are no bills. What you’re donating towards is then our cups of coffee or groceries.

      But really, you have no idea what we’re spending it on (the same as any other scanlation group). We could be spending it on lottery tickets for all you know. We’re just outright coming out and telling you that what we’re spending it on instead is this rather than coffee.

      Donation are good. if they were bad, we wouldn’t turn them on. If you wanted to drive me into the poorhouse, you’d probably have to donate at least $10k. After that I probably wouldn’t be able to match any additional donations for the rest of the year.

      • One follower

        ….wow … That really is quite admirable… Choosing Charity over coffee… If it were me it could be considered quite an feat, since as a northern european i practically live from coffee… Still this really makes you wanna donate. Thanks!

  2. duhh

    1st blood!!!!

  3. GanKon

    Many thanks for the chapter

  4. inspiredKreatif

    woohoo.!! thanks guys.!! i’ll be sure to donate and send you guys broke soon haha..

  5. Shin and NoI

    You guys are awesome! I like the donation idea, sounds like it’ll be a fun experiment πŸ™‚

    As always, fantastic work on the chapter; thank you Turnipfarmers ^_^

  6. vwin

    You sir, have my utmost respect.

    Thanks for the chapter. πŸ™‚

  7. Crazy

    Thanks to the Lord. 1 more minute and I would’ve gone crazy

  8. Zenla

    Shin sure looks like cat this time.

  9. Wow! Thanks guys!

    Nice to know that from now on we are having good quality leaked raws =p

  10. marcusdwaynecanete

    Actually, I created this account just awhile ago but I’ve been a fan of Kingdom since 2013 and I really like to donate. So I was hoping if I could get something like how much is the minimum and maximum donation. Great work as always by the way.

    • It’s just via paypal so feel free to donate however much you want.

      Do note that paypal will take some small upfront fee and a percentage of it. Can’t remember how much it is though. I think it’s something like 30c upfront and 2%. So if you donate $10, we’ll receive $9.50 and if you donate $1 we’ll receive $0.68 or something like that.

  11. Captain Anon

    A bit of a long shot asking here, but does anyone have a download of the Social Kingdom Project volume?

  12. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  13. Faster than Vietnamese version~

  14. LeTouriste


  15. Oo

    Whatever happened to Moubu’s army that Ryofui had stashed somewhere to kill the rebels after they wiped out Kanyou?

  16. Denise

    use a big watermark at your scanlation because many manga site stolen from here too

    • X

      English ppl are stoling scalations
      Polish ppl are stoling scalations
      And many more countres doing that.

      We are living on that type of time when one is this doing for some reson Then second will try have money from that …
      Is hard and long way to to say “Im created this give me money” πŸ™‚

      You can create big watermark, but hey a lot randoms are don’t care about that and here will be more like 10% of that of even less.

      So as you can see they need some new page who will offering manga creators some % for they will give them scallated manga Some for scalations teams,, but creators sometimes are under companes ><

    • There aren’t any positives to watermarking, only negatives.

      Watermarks are not only an insult to the readers, but the manga as well. Defacing the mangaka’s work is entirely unacceptable. Really, they only serve one purpose and that’s to serve as a pretentious symbol of a scanlator’s over-inflated ego.

      The only possibly acceptable use of them is to issue them initially and re-release an un-watermarked copy a day later in order to screw with aggregator web crawlers.

      I say possibly because at the end of the day, you have to realise that the large majority of people are reading Kingdom through these sites and don’t know who scanlates it. If you go down this path, most people will never know about or read your un-watermarked copy. The only ones who suffer are those readers. No one profits from it since these particular people won’t notice watermarks anyway and I think we’ve all proven over the last decade of scanlation that it doesn’t impact aggregator traffic at all.

      This kind of knee-jerk reaction towards the situation is pretty much a textbook example of bad business practice. You’re biting the hand that feeds you, doing a disservice to your customers and having no effect on the target you’re going after.

      All you’re doing is pissing people off.

  17. Ter


  18. Gnama

    Thank you !

  19. kumano

    Just curious, do you guys usually translate from Chinese or Japanese? Or you are just using the raws gotten from the Chinese boards?

    • Kaito.kit

      AFAIK, they were using the Chinese Raws to upload an early version which already had better quality than most uploads you will see. Once the Japanese version is out, they make a HQ version and slightly change translations here and there.
      Then last week the guys who were uploading the raw Chinese scans dropped Kingdom for whatever reasons and now a new group picked it up.

    • Like Kaito.kit said, we translate from Chinese for the LQ versions and re-check the translation against the Japanese raw for the HQ version. Older chapters before chapter 430 were translated directly from Japanese though.

      If you see a watermark on a chapter that says “LQ Draft”, that means it’s been translated from the Chinese scanlation. We’ve only done 2 or 3 of these chapters like this.

      We always re-release a HQ version around 1 week later for these chapters and re-check the translation from the Japanese raw.

      All chapters that don’t have a watermark have been translated directly or checked directly against the Japanese raw.

      Most aggregators won’t bother to update the LQ version to the HQ version though which is why I would suggest reading Kingdom from batoto since we manually remove the LQ versions from there ourselves.

      • James

        Do you guys play the elder scrolls online?

        • Kaito.kit

          I found that game rather unenjoyable during beta and never gave it a try after that. Despite all the p2w, a game that is really enjoyable if you spend some time working through the overwhelming crafting, trading and combat is ArcheAge. (you can make an account for free but read about the differences compared to a monthly sub; I suggest the subreddit /r/ArcheAge and the search function :))

        • I’m currently not playing any MMO. I think gongitraped is playing FFXIV casually still though.

      • Kaito.kit

        Ah well, I’ve been following Kingdom for a rather long time but was relying on sites which obviously were just x-ing the chapters somewhere. So I did some research and found out about you guys not too long ago. Reading your post and following the links on this site it’s safe to assume is the way to support you guys aswell ? Besides donations ? Or how does it work ? I also find your appreciation for the manga and your work remarkable. Please keep up the good work.
        PS: what I wrote in the first post was just a summary of the points you listed in the Kingdom post. But I didnt actually know how it worked before those changes.

        • batoto is the only place we can guarantee that the correct version of a chapter has been uploaded.

          If you’re looking to read Kingdom from start to finish with the best quality chapters, batoto or downloading the volume batches from the DDL link at the top is the way to go.

          We don’t receive anything from batoto. If you’d like to support us, a simple thanks on our comments here is enough πŸ™‚ Donations are also appreciated.

          • Kaito.kit

            Without any doubt, you guys have my eternal gratefulnes. It is because of you guys that people like me who appreciate the little details, especially when it comes to translations, can enjoy a chapter of such fine quality. Please keep up the good work, even if I wont be writing my thanks here every week, if you ever question if people are grateful, I will always be, while checking your page for new updates πŸ™‚ cheers

      • kumano

        Thanks for answering. Normally I was basing it around 1~2 day after Chinese raw surfaces and I was guessing it this should be the reason. So its nice that I got the confirmation

  20. Alhamdulillah indeed ❀

    • duhh

      It means refreshing the webpage until the new chapter come out. The shortcut for that is F5 on your keyboard

      • X

        Good answer, but not coorrect for question.
        I was more mean its time to f5 or its to early and ch is not translated to jap/china

  21. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  22. Asking questions are really pleasant thing if you are not understanding anything completely,
    except this post gives good understanding yet.

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  24. 'Imm

    Just curious here, you’re a muslim? Cause I’ve read the sentence Alhamdulillah in one of your notes above. If so, which country are you from? The acts in which you’ve shown is admirable and, reflects sincerity in doing your job. I’m actually new in reading this manga n thank you, all of you what you’ve done.

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