Kingdom Chapter 434

Here’s the LQ chapter for this week from the new Chinese group’s scans. We’ll be releasing a HQ version on Saturday as per normal. Thanks for all the people that have donated so far! We’ve managed to hit just over $100 in the first week!

Edit: HQ Released. Differences:

  • Chapter Title: Star of Defeat -> The Star of the Defeat (a reference to Ryo Fui as the star)
  • Scrape out their eyes and break their limbs -> Scrape out his eyes and cut off all his limbs (referring to Rou Ai)
  • Apparently the Japanese name for Prince Fusu is Fuso. We’re just leaving it as Fusu though.

Edit 2:

Chapter 435 (HQ) will be out tomorrow. We missed it coming out last night sadly and since it’s only 24 hours between releasing a LQ tonight and releasing a HQ tomorrow, we figure we may as well just wait a day.

Chapter 434: MF | Read Online



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46 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 434

  1. follower

    Thanks.. Saved my day again.

  2. JOSE

    OOOOSHIT .. this is a surprice 😀

  3. juice1286

    Nice. Thank you. Wish we could stop other sites from stealing your work though.

  4. matsuda87

    Yayy…thanks you guys

  5. mac

    thanks, but i don’t understand the following. page 4 “withdrawing to the North” … isn’t Kankoku Pass southeast to Kanyou…

  6. Gawain

    is it just me, or does this conclusion between ryofui and sei feel a bit… anticlimatic? The battle itself as well. And what happened to Hanoki?

    I think they simply fled north from the battle. Then went south, and took the northern path (which leads to kankoku pass), causing the messengers to say they retreated north

  7. Gawain

    nearly forgot, but like always, mayor thank you to you guys TF!

  8. Kaito.kit

    I appreciate this alot. You know it! 😀

  9. Ruzi

    Thanks a lot for another chapter of Kingdom. All my hails to Turnip Farmers. But guys, does it not feel like a page or two is missing if you take the end of the chapter into consideration?

  10. inspiredKreatif

    awesome work as always guys.!! and a great chapter too..

  11. Bigbug

    Thanx for the update TF you are the best!!!

    Deeper meaning of the Chinese characters imprinted on the coin that Ryofui held
    Ban Liang coin

  12. Kayy

    Thanks for the chapter guys
    Great work as always
    I’ve been wondering if you guys could pick up Baby Steps because imangascans takes a month for every chapter and I’ve stopped looking forward to releases, so maybe if you guys were interested in doing it

  13. Algarban

    Thanks again! cant wait for the HD release!

  14. Joe From FL

    Thanks guys!! Can’t wait for HQ. Ill be on a week long cruise (Sat.-Sat.) so hopefully I’ll have 2 HQ releases to read when I get back.
    I will be donating when I get home from this 2 week honeymoon, so keep the donations open!

  15. Qin

    Get well soon, mate

  16. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Fantastic work as always ^_^

  17. vwin

    It’s Korean and I can read it this ahead…pretty weird though. I guess now it’s leaked from Korean bookstore.

  18. Okami

    Thanks guys!

  19. juice1286

    Can you guys go learn Korean real quick? Lol jk

  20. they6

    Oh yep its korean.
    Good stuff is that i can speak some fluent korean. Thanks for the link :).

  21. Daniel Omondi

    question is where now has he return to wei for his campaign or at his place

  22. Daniel Omondi

    oshit which language

    • Going to release the HQ tomorrow instead since we’d just gone to sleep when this came out and there’s only a day advance of the LQ copy.

  23. Going to just wait a day for the share raws guys since it’s only 24 hours between releasing a LQ tonight and releasing a HQ tomorrow as soon as it comes out.

    • Algarban

      Then I will wait to read the HQ, last chapter was really significant the difference in the quality of the pictures. Thanks!!

  24. Daniel Omondi

    so tomorrow hq release yeah

  25. Daniel Omondi

    f 5

  26. swag

    thx for the chapter in advance and ramadan kareem

  27. franco

    f5 all night long baby.

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