Kingdom Chapter 435

Next chapter of Ad Astra will be out sometime over the weekend probably.

Chapter 435: MF | Read Online



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37 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 435

  1. teeee

    yeahh first thank you

  2. juice1286

    Woo hoo

  3. ilovekingdom

    thanks a lot! been waiting for this! 😀
    just one minor correction for page 15:
    “so to as to prevent any further…” to “so as to prevent any further…”

  4. kade

    great thanks turnip 😉

  5. zenla

    This is kinda interesting!

  6. Don

    Thanks a lot. Really good chapter

  7. matsuda87

    Thanks you O emperor TurnipFarmers…

  8. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  9. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  10. Gnama

    Thank you !

  11. All Hail TF

    Thank you very much!
    I must admit I was surprised that he announced to kill his half siblings xD

    • Anon

      Well in history , he did
      But I think the Manga Author was saying he will portray the different side / image of Sei

      So Sei probably will not executed his half sibling in the Manga

      Sry bad English grammar~

    • vwin

      That’s pretty common in Chinese history of royalty I think.

      Even brothers kill each other for the position of king.

      • All Hail TF

        I agree that it is the usual procedure but I thought that they would bargain for their lives like oh let us live and you will get our state back 4 free or that he would act the same way he did 2 his brother. Putting them in a building and saying see ya in 5 years or so…

        • Anon

          lol wut? State of Ai is originally State of Qin rite….?
          So it belongs to Qin at the first place?
          Uh…. Or I’m wrong?

  12. LeTouriste

    thank you

  13. Carlos

    Thx for the turnip! 🙂

  14. Oo


    Almost sorta disappointing.. off with Ryofui’s had already!! He was standing there on the sides with his status still intact.

  15. vwin

    Thanks turnip farmers.

    Just wonder how many more chapters untill the author close this arc…

  16. teeee

    I though ryofui ordered Moubu to eliminate sai rebellion once they destroy kanyou, but it seems moubu busy defending attack from chu?

  17. 1

    Since you guys are working on Ad Astra now, would it also be possible to work on Ravages of Time once you’ve caught up on the former? I think by that time the raws will be way ahead.

  18. geroprog

    Thank you!

  19. Daniel Omondi

    Great chapter turnip and next rou ai dies from spoilers i have that are out

  20. Okami

    Thanks guys!

  21. Daniel Omondi

    down with the queen mother she tried to kill sei for protecting her other children with rou ai n want to be promoted to general then invade ai n capture those children

  22. Daniel Omondi

    shin to be promoted to general

  23. Algarban

    WOW thanks Andreas! cant wait to the translation (dont want to even see the chinise version)

  24. X

    Raws are online means time to


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