Ad Astra Chapter 13

Here ya go.

Chapter 13: MF | Read Online



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10 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 13

  1. august

    good manga pity very few scanners take it up

  2. Qin

    Thanks for the release, fellas. The story’s getting more and more intriguing.

  3. X

    : – )

    I need to say that interesing way of thinking what was used here.

  4. Cassius Dio

    As a long-time fan of you guys I just wanted to thank you for picking this one up, can’t get enough history manga, especially since Historie has entered semi-hiatus

  5. Theo

    Another great chapter guys! Thank you! In this chapter we have one the earliest examples of “scorched earth” tactics being used in war fair.

  6. teeee

    interesting story, I want hanibal to win

  7. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for another great release guys.. 🙂

  8. ace

    thanks for the chapter. the story is starting to heat up. btw what happened to historie ? i haven’t heard any news about it yet it has been months

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