Kingdom Chapter 436

WTB> more china boy with sword

At least the cheesy dialogue and constant crying means less text to translate though…

edit: Added HQ version. No changes to TL script

Chapter 436: MF | Read Online



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32 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 436

  1. jozze

    AAAAAAA!!! New chapter!!! So unexpected!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

  2. zenla

    I would be surprised if Sei agreed.

  3. Daniel Omondi

    i expected that as another rebellion would on succession n waiting for shin to be promoted to general then go capture those kids

  4. Daniel Omondi

    One thing that happened in history kept by the author in his writing n what’s happened to shin that’s what we want to know not rou ai n the queen mother or rou ai’s execution

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. inspiredKreatif

    thank you guys… 🙂

  7. vwin

    ahhhh, drama…

    Anyway I’m glad the author stick to history. Rou Ai and the 2 kids will be executed and queen mother be exiled. That how it works in the real world.

    I’m not forgiving myself, would do the same if I was in Sei’s position.

  8. Oo

    I wish the chapter was ended more properly. The way the author left it off, it feels like a missing page.

  9. juice1286

    Can we stop with the “in history” stuff in the comments? Too much for potential for spoilers.

  10. Algarban

    Thanks TF!!

  11. Daniel Omondi

    Execution done and seems queen mother will be confined like history due to her rebellion

  12. Gnama

    Thank you !

  13. Shin and NoI

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Sweet work as always ^_^

  14. X

    And 132

    Can you re-up url ? ( im now i can downloand and this is not you website but always can try )

    • Just download volume 13 and grab the chapter from that.

      Alternatively you can rip the images from batoto with a plugin. The images are exactly the same since batoto does not compress or alter our chapters unlike other sites.

      You could also download the PSD files and generate the pngs from that. (this is what I’d have to do to re-upload chapters that get removed due to copyright issues)

  15. exclamationMen

    Korean raw available! Maybe 2 days until chinese?

  16. Daniel Omondi

    waiting for hq tomorrow.shin to be general too bad ryuukuko u won’t be able to criticise him anymore

  17. X

    : – )

    F5 F5 F5

    Raw is out

    Someting is blocking my url :((

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