Kingdom Chapter 437

Well, no idea where the chinese scans are but here’s the latest chapter.

Edit: For those wondering about the Chinese names:

All the text in the square blocks is extracted from the Chinese text.
i.e. As described on the first page: The Shiji, Records of the Grand Historian etc.


The Japanese raw actually puts the Chinese text into these bubbles and provides a smaller Japanese translation of it. It’s our pretty clunky way of dealing with it.

Chapter 437: MFย | Read Online



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31 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 437

  1. Daniel Omondi

    link above 438 spoiler

  2. VerneJules

    Why use the chinese names again?

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Qin

    Thanks for another great chapter, gentlemen.

  5. jozze

    Awesome! Thank you guys!

  6. juice1286

    Sheesh…my addiction to this manga makes it feel like it’s release bi weekly.

  7. Joe from FL

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!!

  8. best manga ever read. what a good chapter

  9. X


    They don;t talking about you ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oo

    That Sei being a softie… toss those brats from the tower you’re keeping the mother.

  11. Okami

    Thanks guys!

  12. Castro2man

    well i’m glad the author decided to stick to his guns.

    great chapter!!

  13. Algarban

    once a gain thanks!!! slow chapter but needed, cant wait for shin to appear to get his rewards

  14. Gnama

    Thank you !

  15. Daniel Omondi

    438 raw korean raw out

  16. Daniel Omondi

    shin needs to reach general quickly

  17. Daniel Omondi

    which state will be invaded first

    • 123456

      Han i think

      • Algarban

        I think that the best option would be Zhao, as ham is too close to chu and that would only mean to increase borthers with them. Also Han is too small to be a bigger thread to quin. Wei is allready crippled and they hold a strong foot to stop their invades. Thus the best way is to go to zhao and block that strong country.

        • exclamationMen

          Maybe the invasion will be at a strategical point in order to expand the quin kingdom despite its size

        • 123456

          Just by memory, i might be way off, think riboku started the coalition war because of the renamed tenru region (the land they renamed in wei after the renpa/mougu war).
          With this, they can start to invade Han, they’re smaller yes, but easier to invade.
          Start with riboku/houken (Zhao), Karin(chu), might be to early.

  18. zka

    it seems the chapter cannot be downloaded. do you mind fix it back? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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