Kingdom Chapter 439

Not going to bother redrawing coloured text on LQ releases. Probably going to change in the Japanese raw anyway…

Next chapter of Ad Astra should be out on Wednesday or Thursday~

Chapter 439v0 DRAFT: Read Online



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28 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 439

  1. Algarban

    OOWWW so much interesting things, cant wait for more!! that last page just blew my mind!

  2. Huksen

    Great chapter and great work. Many thanks for that.

  3. tunipalangga

    thank you soo much

  4. Daniel Omondi

    great chapter can’t wait for chapter 440

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. Sasi

    Boring, but at least the boys are back.

  7. zenla

    Talk about enter of dragon.

  8. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks a bunch!

  9. 1

    😀 will you guys be doing the volume omakes? I believe at least vol 38 is out somewhere!

    • We’ll do them eventually. Don’t hold your breath though. My schedule at the moment is jam packed until mid-September due to Winter :P.

      Don’t have time to do anything except eat, work, sleep and go snowboarding right now.

  10. Oo

    No award ceremony? 😦

  11. wyatt ziegler

    Hey guys, is it just me or did Sei promise that Shin would be the first general he sends out for conquest should he become king, and if Shin was high ranked enough by then. He is only one rank under general as a 5000 man commander, I understand that he was not the general at Kanyou (even though he arrived first, shouheikun led the decisive clash) but he personally saved the royal family, HE SHOULD GET SOMETHING I FUCKING LOVE THE AWARD CEREMONY CHAPTERS

  12. kingdom005

    Thanks for the translation, really great chapter. By the way, the first two pages are missing. It’s about the introduction of the Soushuu campaign.

  13. Daniel Omondi

    your right kingdom005 some pages missing saw them today on rawsenmanga

  14. Daniel Omondi

    it is now known who assassinated shunshukin

  15. WiseLeo

    I finally finished reading Kingdom till 439 chapter. What an amazing manga. really the best beside Vagabond and Berserk. THNX TURNI FARMERS for making us able to enjoy the manga. I just wanted to know when will the next chapter be released? and how long it takes for new chapter to be released? is Kingdom a weekly manga or what?

    • Kaitokit

      yes, it is a weekly manga.
      in my goosebumbs rating, Kingdom is second to none.
      right out of the top of my head, when Shin was fighting along Duke Hyou, when he raced to the rear and killed the enemy commander. URGH, loved those chapters. I could go on and on about EPIC moments. Kingdom is love.

    • Yep, Kingdom is a weekly manga. We release a LQ (low quality) version based off Chinese raws as soon as they come out (normally every Tuesday-Wednesday) and a HQ (higher quality) version off of the Japanese raws every following Monday.

      Sometimes, the HQ version has pages that were missing from the Chinese scans along with mistranslations from the Chinese translators.

  16. Daniel Omondi

    Wiseleo kingdom is a weekly manga

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