Kingdom Chapter 439

Previous draft of chapter 439 was missing the first 2 pages and coloured page text so here’s a new post with the HQ version!

Fun fact: Redrawing coloured pages with a mouse gives you hand cramps.

Very few other changes:

  • page 31: trump card -> hand
  • page 32: sigh -> eh!?

edit: re-added corrected version with completely redrawn chapter title.

Chapter 439: MF | Read Online



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21 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 439

  1. Selden

    Thank you.

  2. You guys are the best!

  3. ShinandNo1

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  4. Daniel Omondi

    Great work as always

  5. kizku

    awesome, thank you guys

  6. nuno

    Great JOB! Thanks

  7. okami

    Thanks guys!

  8. adib

    Syukron guys..

  9. inspiredKreatif

    that’s awesome.!! thanks guys

  10. Algarban

    great job!! thanks again!!

  11. kiril

    Thanks guys!

    Also, any info on when should we expect the draft of the new chapter?

  12. SomeoneWhoLikesRoutine

    I don’t mind waiting for the new chapter every week.
    I mind that the amount of time between chapters being so random.
    You have to wait anywhere between 4 and 14 days (in rare cases more), in the mean time checking every day, and being disappointed every day it’s not there. I’ve decided to drop Kingdom and continue once the next arch is done. Now’s a nice stopping point anyway.

    • Pretty annoying on our end too. The new Chinese scanlators are so inconsistent that we have to check every night if something’s out or not.

      I’m considering just going back to using Japanese raws but only after Winter’s over (mid-September) since I can’t release on Fridays / Weekends right now.

    • Selden

      Why do you check everyday ?
      Why don’t you just check every week or every 14 days ?
      You’ ll be less “disappointed”, and if you are ready to drop this manga, I guess it’s not a big deal for you to read a chapter a week after it’s been released.
      Anyway, I’m not here to criticize you. I just don’t understand your point.

  13. Okami

    It would drive me nuts to have people complain about a free service, how do you do it? You two are saints- heavy drinking and smoking saints, but saints…

    • Like most things, I just remind myself that most people are ignorant, ignore it, and move on with my life.

      Also, I don’t smoke cigarette’s, only… uh… herbs… yeah.

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