Chapter 441

Ad Astra’s on hold until next week and it looks like Kingdom’s on another 1 week break as well.

edit: Released HQ version. Changes:

page 72: kokujo river -> kokunyo river.
multiple rephrasings / a few edits for readability.

Chapter 441: MF | Read Online



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23 responses to “Chapter 441

  1. Loki

    Thanks for the speedy draft guys.

  2. Andreas

    Thanks you guys are Awesome 🙂

  3. jozze

    Wow, that was fast!!! Turnips, thank you so much!

  4. vwin

    wow that cliffhanger.
    Kanki army collaboration with hi shin unit, wicked!

    Thanks guys!

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. exclamationMen

    You are the best turnip!
    The lucky men of kanki XD

  7. inspiredKreatif

    awesome work as always.. 🙂

  8. juice1286

    Can’t wait to see what kanki cooks up

  9. Algarban

    OO this is just the calm before the storm, cant wait the invasion of the nex state. Shame xin will not be in front of the army as general I supose but well he shuld be general before he fights riboku, should he?

  10. Masako

    Thanks for the work!
    I guess Shin didn’t quite manage to be the general for Sei’s coming of age, but he’s only one step short, now. Hopefully this campaign will give him more opportunities to prove himself, and learn to think bigger like Ouhon recently did.

  11. ShinandNo1

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  12. Tek

    aw kingdom on break, well at least i’ll get to see Kanki in action again 😛 He’s my 2nd favorite after Shin lol. Love that crafty general.

  13. LeTouriste

    thanks a lot folks
    the next war seems pretty interesting:D

  14. adfadf

    Whats with all of Kingdom’s breaks? Are they running out of brain juice?

  15. Daniel Omondi

    too those interested spoiler ch 442 and won’t believe that Kanki says Hi Shin unit way of fighting as childish

  16. Daniel Omondi

    some complete of ch 442 seems shin was almost going to cut off Kanki’s head

  17. matsuda87

    We want a new chapter of kingdom T.T
    cant help it…I need my drugs

  18. Sumagi

    Awesome work!

  19. Daniel Omondi

    oh glorious turnip ch 442 chinese translation

  20. musa991

    When chapter 442 will be translated?

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