Ad Astra Chapter 16

In lieu of Kingdom, here’s some Roman / Carthaginian soldiering instead…

Chapter 16: MF | Read Online



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14 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 16

  1. Algarban

    Thanks!! nex will be a twisted idea of hannibal, cant wait!!

  2. sip

    thanks man.. cannot wait for hanibal strategy,,, when will we get the next chapter?

  3. M


    I think Kingdom is not on a break, here is spoiler i found for chapter 442

    • Last Kingdom chapter we released was on the 5th of August. The next release we do will probably come out on the 19th of August…

      Notice how there wasn’t any release last week on the 12th?

      • M

        Oh, I see.

        Now the Korean raw is out on the same

      • Francesco

        Now that were are the 19th, I don’t see anything about the new chapter coming out today. Is it still scheduled for today ?
        Thanks again for all your hard work guys !

        • Chinese scan group is having difficulty sourcing their raws and asked the community on tieba if anyone could upload them otherwise they (and we) would have released last night.

          Instead, we’ll now be releasing the HQ release from Japanese raws on Saturday and skipping the LQ release.

  4. inspiredKreatif

    thanks guys.. 🙂

  5. Kimba

    For those who like Kingdom I would encourage looking into
    Vinland Saga.

    It’s pretty awesome and there are 16 Volumes to read before you catch up. I hate the long gaps between chapters, so I tend to let Kingdom pile up before reading it again. So give this a go 🙂

    Impolite for me not to say anything. So thanks turnips and you are doing a…well I let the Japanese man in the ad tell you:

  6. Anon

    You guys! You guys. The Japanese raw is out! IT’S SO EXCITING

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