Kingdom Chapter 444

Chapter 445 will be out on Saturday from the Japanese raws. Ad Astra will be out on Sunday.

Chapter 444 HQ version released. Links below.

Next chapter will probably be out on Monday the 7th of September unless there’s a Chinese raw that comes out before Friday

Speak of the devil…

Fun fact: the cleaner for the Chinese scanlation group appears to be changing from week to week which is why some releases from them look like utter crap and some are actually good (like this weeks).

Chapter 444: MF | Read Online

Also, v2 of the last chapter. The Hi Shin Unit is actually 8000 men strong, not 7000.

Chapter 443v2: MF



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56 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 444

  1. Ambl3

    Release more than a hour without a comment? The f5 is slacking these days… Thanks as always for the awesomeness


    2 chapters in 1 week? is this christmas? OHHH LORD GIMME STRENGTH

  3. saudivip

    wooot woot love you guys ❤

  4. goodboy

    thx for the hard work

  5. matsuda87

    what kind of sorcery is this? o.0
    thanks you guys….awesome as always

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. juice1286

    Nice! Thanks for the quick translation

  8. musa991

    Nice work…… Thanks a lot……..

  9. Anon

    awwww yissssssssssss

  10. All Hail TF

    Thanks and good work as always 😀
    I wonder how hard they will get rekt by that ambusch 😉 but this kind of battlefield is pefekt for Kanki

  11. Algarban

    OMG didnt see this one comming!! F5 army failling!! Thanks TF such a nice day thanks to you!

  12. Daniel Omondi

    i say shin will defeated those guys by ambushing them instead of them doing that to him

    • Daniel Omondi

      i say that cause from the beginning of the strategy meeting the hi shin are been looked down on by kanki’s lieutenants especially that chick

      • Daniel Omondi

        people who want the hi shin unit to be ambushed are forgetting if his killed now end of story of kingdom as his main character with ten and kyokai and we won’t get to see his house

        • matsuda87

          furthermore… I think Kyoukai can sense someone presence just by their chi/energy/aura…
          So…the whole army’s chi/aura will be piece of cake to be detected…hahaha

          Maybe Kanki is trying to make Hi Shin Unit as a bait…(just like when general Ousen did to Heki’s army)…but It wont work just according to his plan…
          Well maybe that ambush is just opening war…the true war maybe will decide by the instinctual type general/leader on both side…shin with his stupidity will shine in this arc…yyyyeaaahhh

          Can’t wait for the next chapter about the arc development

  13. I think General Kisui is also an Instinctual Type. :D. 2 Instinctual Type General VS General Kanki. \m/ Im really excited for the next release. HAHA.

    • Ruzi

      You should remember that Keisha also is an instinctual type, who has given even Riboku chills and hard time defeating in strategi games (reffering to the battle at Kankoku Gate)

  14. Yes, I was referring to Keisha and Kisui. 😀

  15. When General Kisui Said General Keisha has also the same stench! I think what he mean is that he is also an Instinctual Type. Just like how Duke Hyo detected that Keisha is also an instinctual type during the Coalition War Arc.

  16. Oshit, may i ask you something? can u please pick up combat continent? i heard it being dropped. ill donate for it so please T_T

  17. Sasi

    Gongitraped, I really worry abot oshit. He’s so fragile. The Winter, Alzhaimer, Ebola, Faith in People (the experiment)… consider finding new cleaner.

  18. Daniel Omondi

    from re- reading the wei fire dragon arc i came to understand that the author wanted to show the maturity of the new generation and to show them becoming able to come up with ideas to win battles and make difficult decisions on certain situations which ouhon did in that arc and this arc is meant for shin to do the same so as to be promoted to general

  19. Daniel Omondi

    wait for tomorrow as korean raw will be out as mine are scanned copies of the chapter

  20. Parm

    Come on guys we’re waiting

  21. musa991

    When chapter 445 will be translated?

  22. vwin

    I don’t know…why the authors keep making the hi shin unit look like a bunch of retards? getting full of themsleves, getting ambushed, lose the foothold…
    then miraculously make a comeback :/

    that’s why Kanki and Ounsen are much much better than the shithead Shin and his stupid shounen character.

  23. exclamationMen

    Why are you people spoiling us without any warning?? I always feel good about reading the crew coments but I can’t enjoy at all reading free spoilers… please I beg you that if you want to talk about spoilers at least warn before doing it

  24. ShinandNo1

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  25. Okami

    You guys rock, thanks!

  26. Daniel Omondi

    gonna say next chapter weird got my scanned ch 446 already

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