Kingdom Chapter 445

Most likely reverting to using Japanese raws and releasing every Saturday.

Next chapter of Ad Astra will be out tomorrow.

Chapter 445: MF | Read Online



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29 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 445

  1. so few comments 😦
    Daniel any raws?

  2. Algarban

    Thanks!! that made my saturday happy!

  3. Baragan

    lq Chinese scans already out in tieba. btw big up Daniel its amazing to see more and more Kenyans following kingdom and manga as a whole. we once had Kenyan comic called arkohan i am sure if it was serialized in Japan it would be one of the best. without forgetting, thanks to turnipfarmers for the chapter and the upcoming one it seems we will have a nice weekend

  4. matsuda87

    yuhuu..thanks you for the chapter

  5. ShinandNo1

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  6. shauryab98

    I think it’s a waste of effort(although I really respect you for your effort) that you guys first work on the leaked Chinese raws and then again on the HQ Japanese raws. Instead if you just do the HQ version on whatever fixed day you decide, that would be a time saver. People will just have to move their internal weekly clock to that day and wait a week. Doing LQ and HQ version doesn’t change the waiting period. It is still 1 week. All it does is make it easier for the people who see the raws and keep wishing they could somehow read it in English(IKTFB).

  7. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. zenla

    Shin direct subordinates keep dying. I wonder how long they usallly live.

  9. Daniel Omondi

    oshit suggestion when korean raw is out tomorrow replace the korean words with japanese words from the raw from the kingdom chat group of teiba as it possible to translate from that

  10. musa991

    Thanks……. and is there any chance of early translation this time?

  11. damn, I’m like “saturday is too damn long wait”. Oh well this is the life of a fan.

  12. Daniel Omondi

    seems chinese raw of ch 446 out in tieba

  13. Daniel Omondi

    next chapter we finally know what kyokai found its a village

  14. Alexander

    SO did you guys stop translating or something? theres two chapters out now…..

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