Ad Astra Chapter 17

Ad Astra chapter 18 should be out mid-end of this week.

Kingdom raws for 446 currently out on the Chinese chatboard are too small to use. Chapter 446 should be out next Saturday unless anyone has any usable raws.

Chapter 17: MF | Read Online



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12 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 17

  1. R

    thank you for the chapter.

  2. X

    : – )

    >>>> Turnipfarmers Donate >>>>>>>>

  3. oO

    This pisses me off. Author wants to tell me every Roman is a dimwit except for Fabius?

    • Whereas in reality Hannibal was the only smart Carthaginian.

    • Masako

      The author is mainly telling history. Unlike Kingdom which has only very succint sources to work with, the war recounted by Ad Astra is known in a lot of details and most of what you read is simply what happened.
      It’s easy to think they were all fools, reading about it from our sofa, but the romans had never encountered anything like Hannibal before. Nor had anyone else. Afterwards, those strategies were taught in military schools for centuries.

    • It`s more like the author show us how genius hannibal is, and the rest are just normal and don`t stand a chance against him. they kind of remind me about alexander the great, bai qi, wang jian riboku etc

  4. Algarban

    Thanks TF!!!

  5. Joe Hayward

    I don’t know if these raws are any better, but there are some here.

  6. zenla

    Pretty sure there was no steel in roman times.

    • There wasn’t. Translator (gongitraped) meant to use it in the 2nd meaning of the word. i.e. To make hard, strong, or obdurate; strengthen: He steeled himself for disappointment.

      Editor (me) failed to edit it thoroughly since the 2nd meaning generally makes more sense when used as a verb.

      Etymologically, it’s also unlikely the secondary meaning of the word arose until after the alloy was found so you probably shouldn’t use this word in a professional translation. Good thing we aren’t.

      Borderline warrants a v2. Most readers with English as a first language wouldn’t be reading this as a a reference to metal swords or something though. Readers with English as a second language and re-translations might suffer (guessing this is you).

      I’m going to err on the side of laziness here.

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