Kingdom Raws and Kingdom Chapter 446

Hi all, just an announcement about how we’re going to go about releasing Kingdom chapters from here onwards.

First off, we’re only going to be releasing chapters from the earliest raws that meet a certain standard of quality.

Generally, this means ALL Share raws and SOME early Chinese raws.

For example: the Current Chapter – 446 (Tieba Link)   meets this standard.

This means that we really should have released this weeks chapter off these Chinese raws already but for this week only, we decided to just use Share raws.

The reason for this is basically due how difficult it is to clean out old LQ releases from various manga aggregator sites outside of Batoto. A large number of readers don’t use Batoto at all and for me personally, this standard of quality (Mangafox Link) is simply not acceptable. Even if the majority of those readers don’t care about the quality at all, it matters a lot to me.

If we DO release a chapter off a Chinese raw that meets our standard of quality, we will still release another HQ version off the Japanese Share raws simply due to them not being completely up to scratch e.g. this page appears to have been leveled too far as well as to re-check and fix mistranslations due to the double translation from Japanese to Chinese to English.

For Chapter 446 for this week, we’re still waiting on a Japanese Share raw. Not quite sure why it isn’t out yet but hopefully it should be out tomorrow.

edit: added chapter release to this post so that people hopefully actually read this…

Chapter 446: MF | Read Online



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40 responses to “Kingdom Raws and Kingdom Chapter 446

  1. zenla

    We should be still alive tomorrow. So no problem there.

  2. lollers

    Better to wait a few more days and read sumtin decent (y).

  3. Belinda

    Thanks for sharing with us

  4. duhh

    well, i’ve always been waiting for my whole life. What can few more days of waiting can do to me?

  5. Gawain

    quality! woohoo 😀

  6. ShinandNo1

    Love that ya’ll always keep to your standards of quality, keep it up!

  7. Holium

    SO much easier just read the Chinese translation. The names are all make sense now.

  8. Honestly you just should release a low quality one for people like me who don’t really care about high quality and those who want to wait for the hq scans can wait while normal people.just read the lq

  9. Kralizec

    I find quite annoying the feeling of entitlement that some people seem to have here.
    They (turnip farmers) are doing it for free, they get nothing in return other than the gratitude of the people, so they can pretty much do whatever they want, whenever they feel like doing it. It’s not like they owe anything to us.
    Whoever disagrees should just go grab some raws and do the translation themselves, and stop bitching and moaning.
    I can only thank them for the great work they do, and hope that the ingratitude shown by some people doesn’t make them lose interest in the project.

    • marcusdwaynecanete

      And will you just mind your own business?
      I’m one of those that can’t wait because I really like kingdom.

    • obelix

      This works both ways. People are free to feel and post whatever they like. I appreciate the work Turnip Farmers are doing but not the repeated sense of disappointment this week. This latest post basically says 446 (still not out) is being delayed for no good reason at all, just because.

      • The original post’s date was an estimate based on when Share raws come out which is typically Friday earliest.

        Unfortunately, Share raws only came out today and so we released today… not much I can do about that when once we’d already made the decision to release off of the Share raws for the week.

    • of course i am grateful for all they have been doing and hopefully will continue to do it just pisses me off that people whine and nag over the dumbest thing like a twig is missing when it has nothing to do with the story line it doesnt add or remove the story point it is stupid to try and for fill there needs and make everyone else suffer for the few selfish people who whine about it

  10. Anon

    I’m sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy , forgiiive Me 😦
    I’m one of those who didn’t really care anyway
    Be.. becozz… the temptation to read it early is too strong!!!!!
    Boooo….hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! XD

  11. matsuda87

    The LQ releases by turnipfarmers is pretty damn good…and yes, actually I don’t really care about the quality release…because the temptation from the story is too strong…you can’t just simply resist it…

    but if by any chance the quality release was like that in mangafox (on link above)…Then, I do care about quality….

    but afaik, all chapters that has been released by turnipfarmes are all good, very good…both the LQ and HQ…

    well..if there is a delay, then we have just to wait right?

    • That LQ chapter linked WAS released by us off very poor Chinese raws.

      The Batoto version of that chapter has been replaced by a HQ release but most manga aggregators don’t update this since they simply automatically grab the first available release with their webcrawlers and never update it later.

      • matsuda87

        Hahaha… I apologize your majesty… I thought those wasn’t yours
        Maybe when I read those chapter on batoto I’m just too excited about the story development, and forgot everything about the image quality..hha

        My bad…my bad…I beg your forgiveness ‘o’ my emperor

        I’ll always read yours whether it’s the LQ or HQ version…

  12. Castro2man

    Another great chapters! I always love your work Turnips! your desire for quality is something i admire!

  13. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  14. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  15. matsuda87

    Thanks for the chapter…

  16. toki

    Are the authors going to stop making Shin the total idiot every chapter?

  17. Dump follower

    Ah I am happy that you still keep working at this even though you Don’t get a thing from it. So no worries. Just keep doing your magic the way you want, When you want. Thats all I am asking and that itself is quite much really…. By the way, is Shin calling oshit at page 17 or something…. You gonna answer or what ?

  18. insane multitasker

    quote: “edit: added chapter release to this post so that people hopefully actually read this…”

    My email subscription status is set to “immediate” yet there was no new notice regarding the release of chapter 446. I’ve noticed this before – edited releases and announcements do not show up as a new, immediate entry. I don’t know if this behavior is limited to email subscriptions but thought it worth mentioning.

  19. vwin

    ha ha that dumb look on Shin face : “oh shit!”

    calling out for Oshit :-p

  20. Some Pages are missing in this chapter.

  21. Algarban

    Great work TF!!! thanks!!! Cant wait to see if shin can do something great before being dumb only knowing to go strait as an arrow.

    • Algarban

      Also most fault should go to kyokay as she was in charge of the vanguard in the lookout for ambushes… she just pass by one and didnt even see it.

  22. it’s good for me to wait on your releases. Just do whatever suit you best. I’m not complaining on the extra wait time or anything else, I have no right to complain and so are other people who read your releases.

    and I do care about the quality, HQ releases are a treat for the eyes

  23. Daniel Omondi

    seems that chapter 447 raw has been translated to chinese

  24. blueGinger

    Big fat thanks for the release!
    People who can’t wait for HQ release just try to dig somewhere else (that includes me). So yeah, just read on other sites for early release and come back here for HQ which I always do. Either way, I’m not the only one who read each chapter again while waiting for the next one!

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