Kingdom Chapter 452

Here’s the LQ version of Kingdom chapter 452 from the Chinese scanlation.

From last week, the Chinese scanlation group has changed yet again along with what looks like:

  • A new raw provider
  • A release that’s earlier
  • A cleaner that turns Topaz up to 11 and makes everything look like plastic
  • Giant ass watermarks everywhere

I’m also releasing this on Batoto as archived so it won’t hit the front page just as an experiment to see how fast it proliferates to other sites. Won’t be doing this in the future (even if it does stop web crawlers), just sating my own curiosity :P.

Edit: Added HQ Chapter. Differences:

Page 64: But just now, the silhouette cast by the torches… made you appear to be something inhuman etc.

Chapter 452: MF | Read Online



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27 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 452

  1. Nilvithy

    Soo good can’t wait till HQ comes.

  2. Muhammad Awe

    thx for the surprise….
    but well…
    its gone to others real fast too even without from

  3. Fahrenheit451

    Surprise indeed! 10x

  4. Daniel

    oshit you seem to be happy with the new chinese translators

  5. Algarban

    OWOWO This was such a big surprise!! THANKS!!! Great job!!!

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Belinda

    Great you are the best

  8. vwin

    wow Monday has become 100 times better, thanks Turnip team

  9. oO

    Kyoukai, what’s wrong with you? Falling for this simple trap.

    • vwin

      honestly, an assassin having a long-ass chat with her prey is pretty dumb…waste of 5 pages. I guess it’s important for plot development later but…

  10. doomroar

    Can you submit your findings on how fast these chapters spread to other sites? i am also curious about this.

    • TheScarecrow

      RSS feeds ?

      • doomroar

        What i mean to say, is for him to do us the favor of sharing the information once he gets it, of actually posting it, and not saving it for himself, which can happen he is doing this to satiate his own personal curiosity after all and the only reason we know of this experiment is because he thought it would be nice to explain why this one time change in publication happened, an RSS feed wouldn’t give me access to his offline information, and that’s why i am asking, because he can perfectly make the post for 453 and not mention what results this experiment gave him after all he is the only one interested if no one asks.

        • Anon

          He can always minimize the spreading by:
          1. Not make a new post about the draft chapter (This also means no DDL or ROL).
          2. Upload as archived at batoto (given there’s no bot crawling at batoto).

          Then the only way for it to spread is either there’s a reader/leecher who manually donwload from batoto and upload it to another site (given they are aware of the chapter).

          This works very well with unpopular series and less well-known group sometimes it doesn’t even spread. XD

  11. jozze

    Yay! Thanks guys!

  12. homm

    any news on ad astra?

  13. ShinandNo1

    Thank you Turnipfarmers! Awesome work as always ^_^

  14. Daniel

    ch 453 chinese raw out seems we have news on kyokai

  15. LeTouriste

    merci beaucoup

  16. LoyalReader

    Your link to for this chapter has expired; I get this error:

    ERROR [10010]: The thing you’re looking for is unavailable. It may be due to:

    You do not have sufficient permission.
    Try logging in or registering
    It never existed.
    It has been removed by the uploader.
    It has been removed by the moderator.
    It has been removed for copyright reasons.
    Your browser is not supported.
    You came from the future and this chapter does not exist yet.
    Last, but not least. Try refresh (F5). Could be server being overloaded, a bug, or your bad cache.

    Please advise on how can I read your release, or are you moving to another host than

    Thanks as always.

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