Kingdom Chapter 453

Best watermarks ever.

Also, a reminder that we’re updating our posts with the HQ chapters silently.

Chapter 453v0 DRAFT: Read Online



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22 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 453

  1. Muhammad Awe

    Woohoo 1st…
    thx as always…!!!

  2. david11

    Best. Day. Ever.

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. belinda

    thanks a lot

  5. Algarban

    Great work!””” thanks!!

  6. vwin

    Thank you ! ❤

  7. Thanks as always

    I say! This is quite good! What leaves are these? 😉

  8. Gnama

    Thank you again Turnip Farmers.
    But this cleaning is just shit, I was impressed every time I saw your chapters. Kingdom was like a breath of fresh air, like eye drop after reading some ugly ass chapters from other teams.
    I’d rather wait untill tankōbon are out.
    It’s so sad.

    • Waiting for the tankoubons is probably too long since theres like a 3-4 month gap between paper tanks and the magazine release and around a half a year gap between digital and magazine.

      The only real option (in the absence of our own raw provider) is to either wait for Share releases and release a week after the Chinese scans or release a LQ scan off the Chinese scans and release a better quality one a week later.

      Honestly, its a tough question. Do you appeal the masses and attempt to stay relevant by releasing as fast as possible or piss everyone off in pursuit of some standard of quality.

      In the absence of competition (since mangajoy seems to have given up) I guess we could dictate whatever we want but I’m still not sure what to do…

      I’ve considered making a poll to decide what we do. Perhaps I’ll start it off next weekend. I’m somewhat afraid that it won’t be indicative of our actual readership though since not many people actually come to our website.

      I’d have to run it over a month or so and try to get as many people to vote as possible i suppose.

      • Gnama

        If you wait for the share release they could even restart with the LQ chapters.
        But doing with these shitty cleaned one is a pity especially with such a good quality before, I think about people who will read your scans in the future as a whole and switch between HQ to garbage.
        Another problem is that you are difficult to find, and your draft chapters are everywhere.
        The best solution IMO would be to release two chapter every week, HQ from share release and a draft which is watermarked with “draft” and “your name/website”, eventually “hq chapter next week”.
        That way even if draft is everywhere, people who are seeking for quality or want to compile chapters will come here.

  9. what’s the difference between LQ and HQ releases. I’m always reading the LQ releases and I don’t anything wrong about it. I see people go on about HQ releases.

    • /*I don’t find anything wrong about it.*/.

      • Well for one, there are huge ass watermarks everywhere that we stick over the top of the Chinese watermarks. If you haven’t noticed these… you really need your eyes checked.

        The overall quality of it is worse by a huge amount. Compare the two side by side and you’ll find that:

        1) The LQ release has a huge amount of detail in shading removed.
        2) Pages are a lot darker due to being over-levelled.

        Take a look at: (the title page of the latest chapter).

        Shin’s armour is entirely black on one side. The clouds have turned into some sort of grey mush and the tents in the background are completely one shade of grey without shading. A lot of the lines on those tents have also disappeared,

  10. LoyalReader

    I’m not sure what is going on, but chapter 452 is no where to be found in to say the least..! Please try and upload it again or something..?

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