Ad Astra Chapter 21 and Kingdom Chapter 453 HQ

So apparently, talk on Baidu Tieba says the Chinese groups going back to Thursday releases due to this?:

Also, Windows 10 sucks. Not only did I have to spend ages figuring out how to dual boot Trisquel with UEFI, the bloody default photo/image viewer doesn’t let you scan through files in a .zip… If anyone knows how to get Photoshop CS2’s text controls working properly through Wine, let me know so I can uninstall Windows.

Ad Astra Chapter 21: MF | Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 453 HQ: MFRead Online



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27 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 21 and Kingdom Chapter 453 HQ

  1. crit222

    Wine is still far from complete (and probably will ever be)… Use a VM instead (if you have at least 4 GB RAM). I’d recommend KVM in Arch Linux — this (old) post might help:
    Also see

    Thanks for the chapters… Cheers!

    • I’ll try it out, sort of feels like if I’m going to be running a VM, I may as just reboot into windows though.

      Probably won’t ever be able to actually fully uninstall it if I want to play games that don’t work on Linux sadly.

  2. crit

    Wine is still far from complete (and probably will never be)… Use a VM instead (if you have at least 4 GB RAM). I’d recommend KVM in Arch Linux — this (old) post might help:
    Also see

    Thanks for the chapters… Cheers!

  3. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  4. Issmj Daniel

    Iih, that cliffhanger. Anyway, thanks Turnipfarmers.

  5. doomroar

    I just keep hearing great news about Windows 10 haha. I am so sorry man.

  6. R

    thanks for the chapters

  7. Daniel

    oshit check out tieba ch 454 out

  8. P@nzerF@ust

    I just started to read Ad Astra and its way better than i expected. If you’re waiting for kingdom chapters to come out, it’s a nice distraction xD

  9. So I’m guessing the usual day we have to wait until translations are ready is about 1 week after the raw is out? I’m very confused considering how other sites are translating them as well (shit quality).

    • I’m talking about kingdom, sorry.

      • There’s an FAQ button at the top that can help explain things:

        Q. Why does the English release sometimes come out late?

        The Korean and Chinese Kingdom scanlation groups typically release up to a week before the actual official release date of the magazine that Kingdom is published in within Japan.

        This is because they have access to leaked raws not available to the public. A chapter that appears on Sunday in Korean does not come out officially until the following Friday! This is accomplished by paying someone who works in the supply chain of those magazines to illegally upload scans of them before they even hit the storefront.

        Turnip Farmers is able to translate from Chinese or Japanese. If an early release from a Chinese group comes out that is of acceptable quality, we will release an LQ chapter using their raws and re-release a HQ chapter from Japanese raws later. We can’t do anything about Korean scans.

        The English release will ALWAYS come out a day after the first Chinese release OR the official Japanese release (Friday-Saturday).

        Key words here are “acceptable quality”. The reason we bother releasing off Chinese raws is because they do clean them (sometimes and always badly…). We do not put any effort into attempting to re-clean LQ releases.

        If a Japanese raw comes out like it did this week, we’re still going to wait until the official magazine release because otherwise, I’d have to clean the chapter twice to create LQ and HQ releases.

        End effect is that until further notice, you will be getting Kingdom chapters a day after the Japanese public do instead of up to a week before. i.e. Every Friday or Saturday depending on our real life schedules.

  10. Gawain

    thanks for all the work turnipfarmers 🙂

  11. juice1286

    Damn my impatience!

  12. GonFreaksss

    Thank you for the great work. I honestly don’t care that much about quality of scans, as long as translation is top notch. The other scanlation groups for kingdom is trash.

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