Kingdom Chapter 454

For those that don’t get the last post. Short version is:

Kingdom will be released every Friday / Saturday until further notice.

Chapter 454: MF | Read Online



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33 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 454

  1. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. LeTouriste

    wow thanks a lot guys;)

  3. 1

    D: how horrifying, upgrading to W10! Great work once again! 😀

  4. juice1286

    Bah. That chapter took us nowhere really. Gotta wait another week now. Lol. Thanks for translation! Every Friday or Saturday sounds good.

  5. Daniel

    ch 455 spoilers out in tieba.hope early release of chinese translation

    • Daniel

      This arc will be may second best arc in kingdom as coalition arc is my number one best arc.from the korean arc i see the hi shin unit taking the zhao river banks as i see en as a distraction as even if he cross the other side the first people he would have to attack is batei himself

  6. Daniel

    ch 455 spoilers out in tieba

  7. Thanks guys !
    you guys are awesome, you have been translating this for so long.

  8. belinda

    Thanks a lot

  9. abu suliman

    Thanks for the chapter
    but will you translate kingdom guide book ?

    • I think we were asked this a long long time ago and the answer was and still is no. The text is quite long and doesn’t actually say anything new / interesting.

  10. GonFreaksss

    Excellent Chapter!

  11. Algarban

    WOW Thanks!! cant wait for the strategy from ten!!

  12. Exclamationman

    Maybe a human bridge with shields? XD

  13. P@nzerF@ust

    when will ad astra come out? 😦

  14. Joe from FL

    Thanks guys!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you guys so much. This is my favorite manga and it’s amazing you stuck with it for so long without giving up on it.

  16. virtussuxx


  17. Many thanks for the chapter. Your work never fails to cheer me up. Take as much time as you need. Thanks again! 😉

  18. ou ki

    hello turnip farmers. requesting translation of the sword oh emperor pls. pls pls. thanks

    • From the FAQ (albeit somewhat oudated):

      Q. Do you plan on taking up another project? Are you accepting any suggestions?

      The short answer is no.

      Kingdom has taken up a far larger amount of time in the week than we first planned or allocated for it and we have a large backlog of projects unrelated to manga that were put on hold to allow us to push out 35 volumes over the course of a 1 and a 1/4 years.

      Now, with taking up Ad Astra we’ve basically struck a balance with what we can reasonably manage in our free time.

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