Ad Astra Chapter 23

Surprise random extra chapter!

Chapter 23: MF | Read Online



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16 responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 23

  1. Thanks as always

    Yay! You are the best! Simple as that, best. Thank you very much!

  2. ddd23

    surprise here!!, thank you

  3. nnn

    ahh, after reading scipio vs hannibal history, the ending is disappointed. I regret reading this, I want him to win!

  4. R

    thanks for the surprise chapter.

  5. Irvine

    and i told myself i will not pick up another title. THANKS GUYS XD oh my but i must say your translations are the best. (on the sidenote those titles are as different from each other as they can get. kingdom gives me the feel that shin will charge enemy again – and i always imagine him with derp face – while ad astra is more like a game of chess

  6. Duder

    This be some epic stuff!

  7. Hi Turnip Farmer thanks for the work again! seeing the group works on plenty of Historical Manga, are your group interested in working on Ikegami Ryoichi’s Nobunaga?

    • If by plenty you mean 2, sure 🙂

      As for your question, as it says in the FAQ: no, we’re not interested in scanlating any other titles at this time.

  8. Algarban

    that was fast!!! Thanks TF!!!

  9. X

    It been while but:

    F5 army Im calling you, we need take positions on whole battlefield and Push turnipfarmers to get our Kingdom chaapters !
    Flank them , create traps , take the river I don’t care we need to do it !

  10. Daniel

    Traps are been deployed F5 1000 man commander deploys

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