Kingdom Chapter 457 HQ

HQ re-release of Chapter 457. ~(o.o)~

Chapter 457: MF | Read Online



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33 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 457 HQ

  1. oseas

    P.S. You mixed the links up mate.

  2. vwin

    Happy New Year turnip team!

    Thanks for a good year of Kingdom, we all appreciate your work a lot.

  3. Demut

    Is Kingdom taking a break this week?

  4. Jake

    Any update on when 458 (either LQ or HQ) is coming out?

    • Please read previous posts on this subject. The reason why Turnip Farmers haven’t released yet is that they’re having difficulties obtaining HQ raws, and even the LQ raws look like garbage to work with. It’s like people don’t even care anymore with what they upload as long as they upload first to get the most clicks for ad revenue.

    • 459 should just have been released in Japan in retail magazines today.There was a 1 week break over the new year celebrations.
      Raws of the chapter should be available on Share tomorrow at the earliest hopefully and our release will come out half a day or so after that depending on when we see it’s up.

  5. ledou

    merci! or thank you!

  6. Jicrayne

    Un grand MERCI de la part d’un Fan Français, grâce à vous nous somme à jour !
    Thank you from a French fan

  7. Peyo

    Another thanks from France ! Happy new year, we love you !

  8. Mouten

    Merci d’avoir aidé la kingudamu.
    You’re the best !

  9. hello je suis un fan de kingdom sur le site francais kingudamu et je vous remerci pour ces scan de qualité et de traduire kingdom en anglais thank you

  10. Kan2tin

    Merci beaucoup les gars pour ce travail de malade et pour la qualité qui est irreprochable! Sela fait un excellent support pour la kingudamu! MERCI TURNIP FARMER & KINGUDAMU grace a vous je me regale depuis maintenant 2 ans \(*0*)/ BADASS KISS FROM FRANCE

  11. Mathieu

    Merci beaucoup de la part de la communauté française! 🙂

    Thanks you so much from french community! 🙂

  12. Juice

    these waits have been driving me nuts. lol

  13. Eman d man

    When is the release of 460?

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