Kingdom Chapter 459

Sadly, a pretty crap quality release this week due to hopeless raw quality :(.

Next chapter of Ad Astra will hopefully be out during the week depending on time.

Chapter 459: MF | Read Online



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51 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 459

  1. PangTong

    It doesn’t matter if it a really bad Lq is or not
    Still thanks dude :3 I really need it *-*

  2. F5 charge got smashed.

  3. Thanks

    It all fine and dandy. Don’t worry We still love you 😉

  4. Juice

    Idc about quality because of how damn good this story is! Thank you! Now to suffer until next saturday. Lmao

  5. The raw quality is unfortunate but considering you take the time to release HQ versions when better raws come out, it’s nothing to worry about. Thanks for the release!

    • Problem this week is a better raw isn’t going to come out until the digital tankoubon comes out in ~3 months or if someone wants to re-scan the magazine for us.

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Daniel

    Thanks Turnip for the chapter and who do people see dying in this arc.Kanki should praise Shin now as he isn’t on the backfoot anymore

    • Juice

      Garo…for some odd reason I feel like Garo is going to die

      • Daniel

        For me most sure about Kisui so Shin is promoted to General.Oshit would like your view on whose going to die

        • Eh, I don’t think anyone’s going to die but if someone does croak it, my money’s on En.

          • Juice

            Yeah, hi shin units is overdue for a death. I really think garo because if you look up the ranks…he doesn’t really have one but he gets a good deal of face time. The leader of shins crack troops is the other guy that came from duke hyous men and garo is just…there

          • There’s no point in killing off a character that readers don’t have any emotional attachment to.

            Garo’s death would be meaningless unless we get a chapter developing his character further like En’s recent chapter.

        • Daniel

          My assumption on this arc is that non of the core commanders and members of the hi shin unit will die as i see Kisui and Keisha Armies losing core members. 1st do die Batei then Ryutuuto

          • Daniel

            Chapter 447 puts a question mark on where Shin thinks Kyokai is currently.

          • PangTong

            I read 447 over and over again but I can’t find where you get this with “[…]Shin thinks Kyokai is currently”
            Teach me senpai 😀

          • Daniel

            He thinks she behind batei as you can see from where his looking at as he doesn’t know about the village

  8. wow! you worked with THOSE raw files? and it came out like THAT? didn’t know you could improve on a raw that much.. great work! Thanks!

    • Had to copy a fair few chunks off the Chinese raws to fill in the gaps and then ran a shit-ton of filters over it. Still terrible but we do what we can.

  9. Nonny

    Thanks a lot for translating and releasing! You guys are the best!

  10. paras have updated upto 470 😮

  11. forever

    oshit where is my kingdom 460 manga, and why hasn’t it been released yet?

  12. algarban

    Thanks TF!! great as allways!! cant get enough of kingdom!!!

  13. Ofart

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. Dick

    any news about chapter 460?

  15. Daniel

    Nice reaction by Ten seeing that the enemy is stalling them further away in order not to assist.Sorry guys was a bit sleepy had uploaded yesterday

  16. Um anyone know when kingdom 460 will be out

  17. Daniel

    Oshit chapter 460 out when

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