Kingdom Chapter 460

Something something volume 43 (probably) woo.

edit: Next chapter will be late (Sunday evening AEST). Translator is busy with life.

Chapter 460: MF | Read Online



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43 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 460

  1. Hector

    Thank you so much. Kingdom saved me from boredom and sadness today!

  2. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. And I wanted to ask when is new release. Feel a bit silly.

  4. at last! thank you turnipfarmers

  5. Issmj Daniel

    F5 unit here! We require assistance at our right flank.

  6. geroprog

    Thank you!

  7. Castro2man

    a great way to start the day!

  8. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks for delivering this most awaited chapter!

  9. Jahuu

    For something something i am very grateful… (translated: For plastic monkeys i am very grateful)… Yes, and the new chapter is also very nice. You have my thanks..

  10. Juice

    Woooo! Ten us great

  11. Ofart

    thanks for the chapter, team TF!

      • PangTong

        All hail Ten and TF in general
        And all hail Kanki that he will do his move next chapter

        • True!
          Although Kanki will get the biggest award, Shin will be the one to receive the more aplauses.

          • PangTong

            Actual I think this Arc is for Kanki to promote to Great General
            And for Shin to learn something that help him to get a promote to general in near future (remember 5000-commander is something different to the other commanders) but what it will be idk.

          • Certainly, this is an intermediate arc. Just do not know what exactly Shin will learn.

          • PangTong

            The fact that Kanki said he was disappointed when learning his army was doing things the proper so he feels he has something to Shin and he’s been watching Shin and his army. And my guess is Kanki has kept an eye on shin for a while since he saw him twice at the reward ceremony ( he even commented on it during the second one) and he said something like they’re still immature (or “childish”) and since they’re now a part of the Kanki army, they should make use of this “excellent” opportunity to learn how the “adults” do it.
            Sooo hmm it can be a lot what they can learn/Shin D:
            Maybe Shin will learn something for “all for victory and the rest doesn’t matter” and will lose his sense of responsibility for innocent people (remember Sanyou arc he nearly killed a 1000-commander) what in my opinion will be a bad thing to learn,

  12. Veggos

    Couldn’t go to sleep without reading this after 2 whole weeks. Thanks a lot guys.

  13. Michael

    Kingdom is the thing that I anticipated the most every weekend. Thanks a lot guys

  14. Cleber

    Thank you guys! I was waiting for it!

  15. Algarban

    Great job TF Thanks!!! waiting for the next chapter!

  16. 123456

    461 RAW

    For you the “long time ago 6 chapters a week” followers 😦
    Good old times !!!

  17. Daniel

    some pictures from guidebook
    Batei B rank

  18. fknmibl

    Thanks for the notice 👌🏼

  19. Daniel

    scroll down for spoiler for ch462 its Kisui backstory

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