Kingdom Chapter 462

So Oshit’ll be going off to kill himself snowboard in Japan for the next 4 weekends.

Ad Astra will be on hold until then. We might get out one last chapter on Monday or Tuesday.

Kingdom will continue to be released as normal though.

A big thanks to Ouki from Kingudamu scans (the French scanlation team for Kingdom) for offering to help out Gongitraped with the cleaning and typesetting so that we can keep releasing while the useless half of the team buggers off.

Chapter 462: MF | Read Online



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34 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 462

  1. mac

    surprise surprise. Thanks TF!

  2. Yay

    ha ha! Well arent you fellows a fine team! Like two bottocks of a same arse.. Thanks for a release.

  3. PangTong

    Have fun Oshit in Japan to kill yourself ehh I mean snowboarding ^^

  4. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  5. Ou

    Thank you so muchhh

  6. g0ne

    Thank you very much.

  7. Maximus

    You guys are awesome, Have fun in Japan 😀

  8. thanks

    and kanki’s soldier exchange program benefit: 0

  9. Peyo

    Thank you very much !

  10. LeTouriste


  11. Algarban

    Thanks!! have fun in the snow!!

  12. Anon

    Rawwwwwwwwsssssssssssss, where are they, we needses them precioussss

  13. Ehemman...

    When will be the next chapter’s release?

  14. .

    Kingdom is on a one week break, so no chapter this week.

  15. Daniel

    Ch 463 will be Kisui past

  16. No news from oshit? Perhaps oshit got eaten by the yeti

  17. Christian

    With this delay,might we get double chapter? Lol. I really miss the old releases.

  18. Dont sigh them!!! Sure they are working hard on the chapter : ) keep up the awesome work

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