Kingdom Chapter 463

A moment of silence for Kingdom Share Man, bringer of raws, may his sacrifice never be forgotten. ;_;7

Chapter 463: MF | Read Online

Edit: The next chapter will most likely be delayed until Monday due to Ouki being unavailable.



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29 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 463

  1. is this mean no more raws for kingdom?

  2. Daniel

    So next chapter we see something happen on Kisui’s side that’s going to affected the war

  3. Follower

    Thanks for release… Shame about the uploader thing. I know copyright stuff is important for authors and such, but it still sounds weird when they make such a big villain out of some sorry dude that probably didn’t even make any money out of this scenario…

  4. My guess is that Kanki did not attack on the past chapter, ’cause he is planning on dividing the enemy forces. His move will be to attack Kisui’s city, making him go back to protect it, thereby, making the enemy forces a lot weaker.

  5. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. Vandro

    I think Kanki is going to do something real nasty, like taking Kisui’s village..

  7. why

    Erff, so it’s a full chapter flashback ? I’ll read that next week…

    Thanks for the chapter.

  8. LOL no

    I bet you Kani already HAS made his move – Like Ten said: Everyone was LOOKING AT KANKI expecting him to move. He would be an idiot not to quietly send a force to do something when everyone`s attention is on him. Classic misdirection.

  9. with that flashback, it might be a foreshadowing what Kanki will do…

    I mean… taking his home hostage seems like Kanki’s thing (and he’s even more brutal than that lol)

  10. Daniel

    korean raw out in tieba

  11. Not Ben

    Looks like Ouki has temporarily killed himself while snowboarding. Keep it up guys. My kingdom fix can wait

  12. Veggos

    When is monday? What day is it today there? What year do we have? Who am I?

  13. We will never forget his sacrifice… Thank you for the chapter people was very good, as they are always the best.

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