Kingdom Chapter 464

Doto 2 drama best drama.

Chapter 464: MF | Read Online



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43 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 464

  1. Pen


    I mean thanks for the chapter

  2. Thanks oshit for this chapter

    • I’m currently not doing anything except vacationing in Japan right now. Gongitraped and Ouki from Kingudamu scans are handling everything while I’m away.

  3. thanks

    btw it’s ironic.. in the end Keisha falls to his own tactic. If you remember his battle vs Duke Hyou, he also “keep” his troop from doing anything to confuse Duke Hyou and trap him once he make his move (after he is baited)

    but I don’t think that it’s all of what Kanki did yesterday

    • Castro2man

      I think kanki took it a little farther, he held back a whole day, and then half of the 2nd day.

      Keisha can’t see what kanki is gonna do. In the battle vs Duke Hyou, he was able to clearly observe him from afar, while having complete control of the battlefield.

    • mowre

      hi shin unit will be sacrifice buaahaahaaa
      damn you kanki

    • 20

      every battle has different kind of strategies and plot twist, that makes kingdom awesome

  4. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  5. Fuccboi Supreme


  6. doomroar

    Bring back 2GD

  7. geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  8. Okami

    Thanks guys!

  9. Algarban

    Thanks!! i also think hi shin unit will be left for death alone

  10. inspiredKreatif

    Thanks guys!

  11. Belinda

    Hi is it possible to get LQ and HQ versions again?

  12. 9

    we have challenger guys..

  13. ace

    their picture quality was good, but their translation i would give them 40%.
    ion as a fan of ad astra i would like to ask which general from kingdom greatly resembles hannibal? i am torn between two but I’ll like to here your views first.

  14. ace

    mac that was the answer i was looking for. actually ousen fits the bill in the sense that he is not ashamed to retreat when need be.

  15. Is it later than usual release for chapter 465?

  16. Ant

    Silly, worth the wait, imagine two chapters at one go….

  17. Poor Kei Sha him can doin’t noting again Kan Ki. Thanks ffor the charpel was very good.

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