Kingdom Chapter 465


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Chapter 465: MF | rEEd Online



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53 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 465

  1. Castro2man

    praise be to jacky mao! great chapter!

  2. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Belinda

    Thanks guys. What about my question for early LQ release?

  4. doomroar

    What!? no fucking way EE winning a major? no way… his destiny is getting second place.

  5. Page 4 Panel 5: “all the to our rear” should be “all the way to our rear”.

  6. Follower

    Yay this stuff is the best! You are the best! Thanks for great work! I mean best work…..

  7. mac

    EE sama!!! thanks TF. You dabest!

  8. Selden

    Thank you !

  9. Pen

    We’ve all entered an alternate universe. There’s no other explanation for the lack of fEEd.

  10. Thank you for working on these chapters, even with half the team away. It’s amusing when people get their panties in a bunch when it’s out a day or two later than usual. We get to read a good manga you guys translate and work hard on to update despite having your own lives, yet some have the gall to complain about when they get their free chapters…

  11. Give a HIT
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Hi
    Give a Shin
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Shin
    Give a Unit
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Unit
    What say’s?
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Hi Shin Unit

    Tnaks for the charpert guys 🙂

    • Demut

      That’s actually “Hit Shin Unit” going by what you wrote. Maybe re-read your own comments once before you post them. Then you would end up “tnaking” people for “charperts” either.

  12. GreenThoughtSeer

    bwabababa You guys are the best! You have been quoted as the best group translating kingdom. See for example Chapter 466, first picture, on mangamint

  13. Algarban

    Great work as allways mates! thanks!

  14. Daniel

    S rank – Riboku(A)(Zhao)Tou(A)(Qin)Reiou(S)(Wei)Gaimou(S)(Wei)Earl Shi(S)(Wei)Mougou(A)(Qin)Yotanwa(A)(Qin)
    A rank – Moubu(B)(Qin)Kanki(B)(Qin)Ousen(B)(Qin)Rokuomi(B)(Qin)Kanou(B)(Qin)Shouheikun(B)(Qin)Houken(A)(Zhao)Karin(B)(Chu)Rinbukun(B)(Chu)Keisha(B)(Zhao)Gohoumei(B)(Wei)Duke Juuteki(Ai)Hanoki(Ai)Ranbihaku(Wei)Junsou(Wei)Rien(Chu)Jinou(Chu)
    B rank – Shin(C)(Qin)Mouten(C)(Qin)Ouhon(C)(Qin)Futei(Zhao)Kyokai(C)(Qin)Ei Sei(C)(Qin)Shoukaku(C)(Qin)Haku Kisai(C)(Wei)Shunmen(C)(Qin)Tafiju(C)(Qin)Mangoku(C)(Zhao)Rankai(E)(Qin)Kouyoku(C)(Chu)Hakurei(C)(Chu)Sosui(C)(Qin)Heki(C)(Qin)Kaine(C)(Zhao)Garo(Qin)Gakurai(Qin)Ryuutou(Zhao)Batei(Zhao)Kisui(Zhao)Kanjou(Qin)Kinmou(Zhao)Gakuei(Zhao)Kaioku(Qin)Raido(Qin)Kokuou(Qin)Maron(Qin)Beiman(Chu)Goumasho(Chu)
    C rank – Bihei(Qin)Bamyu(Chu)En(Qin)Hanroki(Ai)Mouki(E)(Qin)Ten(D)(Qin)

    • Daniel

      Link of full stats from kingdom guidebook—1C20772872017E8758EB44C9724E5808%3AFG%3D1–1-3-0–2–wapp_1453750435766_76/m?kz=4404305448&is_bakan=0&lp=5010&pinf=1_2_0

  15. Robert

    When is the next chapter coming? I’m getting twitchy

  16. ehemman...

    where is the next chapter??. any new?

  17. h0llygh0st

    I only just realized you’re referencing Dota 2 :O

  18. Blaat

    An update would be nice…

  19. P@nzerF@ust

    Starting to feel withdrawal symptoms… uuuuuuuuugh.

  20. Thanks for the update, always nice to know 🙂

  21. Veggos

    Such a sad weekend with no kingdom 😦 😦

  22. Ouki

    Duhh…. Come On.. Getting beyond Desperate here!!

  23. P@nzerF@ust

    rip mangarinos … i am hero is a good alternative :3

  24. Give Kindom

    Hand over the Kingdom, is time つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

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