Kingdom Chapter 466 LQ

Well, Japanese raws are still nowhere to be found so here’s an LQ release from the Chinese scans complete with useful watermarks.

Hopefully whoever uploads the Jap raws to Share comes back soon or imma be one unhappy scanlator.

Chapter 466v0 DRAFT: Read Online

In other news, guess who went to Japan just to buy this:


… actually pretty sad since this 3rd guidebook just includes the side story in volume 23 as it’s bonus chapter…

Does have an omake though so I guess we’ll release that on the weekend or something.



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28 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 466 LQ

  1. christian

    All hail turnipfarmers!!! my F5 effort is not wasted

  2. Give Kindom

    Thank you for Kingdom senseis!

  3. Ouki

    You may be one unhappy scanlator yet we are one lucky bunch to have you guys ❤

  4. Oh fuck! What an awesome chapter! Kanki is a fucking genious!

    Thanks turnip!

  5. Meerak

    Thanks a lot TF!:)

  6. juice1286

    Yes! New chapter! Lq…hq..idc I just needed this chapter I was dying. Lmao. Thanks tf!

  7. Algarban

    Great thanks! its not HQ but our dose was needed! Thanks TF!

  8. Robert

    I’m pretty sure that the jap guy who uploaded kingdom was arrested by the police. Can you clarify?

    • The one who was arrested was uploading higher quality rips of the tankoubons (volume compilations that come out every couple of months).

      The raws that are released each week are sourced from the magazines.

  9. Thanks for you effort 🙂

  10. Great chapter dudes! Thanks a lot! Btw, some days ago I found a comment of a dude which sent the raws from Vietnamese, if that ever could help you.

  11. FoxHound

    Chapter 467 is out here :
    Dunno if they have raw sooner, or if it’s chinese raw, or something like that, enjoy the chapter anyway, for those who cant wait here ^^

    • That’s kind of rude to post that here… They use the Korean raws, that’s why they can post earlier. I guess it’s not bad if you don’t mind the crappy quality or half-assed translation, but I hope most would wait for TF instead of settling for less…

      • vwin

        I think most of Kingdom fans recognize turnip team is the one and only bringing Kingdom scanlation to the non-Jap audience.
        I’m one of those who can’t wait, but always come back for Turnip team’s release, so I’m thankful for it.

      • I find them quite entertaining. RYUUTOU, THE MARCHINATOR.

        Dat’s nex LVL jenius dat is.

      • FoxHound

        Well i dont see why its rude, they dont earn money from their scanlations and its not like i disrespect their work, i discovered Kingdom when Turnip Farmers was catching up the jap scans so i’m very grateful for what they did and for what they are doing on Kingdom.

        I discovered this website when i looked for 466 who was late and i saw 467 raw so i shared, dunno if it can help or not in some way,, like you saw i know nothing about the raw, i took for chinese what is actually korean ^^

        Anyway keep going your good work

        • I meant it was rude because it’s like advertising for another website, even if they do it for free. People were doing that on sensescans and there was a big thing about it that ended up getting a bunch of people blocked. If Oshit’s okay with it, then I have no reason to complain.

    • Kanki

      Fuck outta here with these machine translated mangapanda-tier shit-scans, only ESLs gobble that up

  12. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  13. belinda

    Thanks a lot a LQ is better than nothing. Hopefully we get a HQ later

  14. Cloud

    No hq raws this week either? 😦

  15. I can’t wait to read 467 and the omake ❤ hope it comes out soon

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