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Ad Astra Chapter 30

No, I don’t know where Kingdom is. Read this instead maybe?

Chapter 30: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 471

Alright, here’s chapter 471 from the LQ mangaraw raws.

The Share raws are still not out. When they come out, I’ll make a v2 replacing the double page spread with a proper redrawn copy. The other pages will probably stay the same because I’m too lazy to clean a chapter more than once.

Please note that the weekly ETA of ~Saturday is based fully on the release dates on the Share P2P network. It’s an ESTIMATE. I have no way of guaranteeing when releases come out. If someone wants to move to Japan to buy and scan me the magazine every Thursday, I will guarantee you a release every Thursday night (JST).

Until a reliable raw source somehow turns up, we’re all sadly in the same boat of f5-ing for the latest release.

Chapter 471v0: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 470

Another volume down. woo.

Chapter 470: MF | Read Online


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Ad Astra Chapter 29

v2’d chapter 28 due to incorrect page file names and screwing up calling Gisgo Gisco again.

Chapter 29: MF | Read Online

Chapter 28: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 469

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 469: MF | Read Online


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