Kingdom Chapter 469

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 469: MF | Read Online



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 469

  1. Thanks ya guys! You are amezing!

  2. woah, i really cant wait for the next chapter. why it has to be on break????

    btw thanks turnip sama. πŸ˜‰

  3. Algarban

    Wow thanks for the chapter!! hate break weeks!!

  4. Marc

    Killer chapter. Till next time

  5. Andreas

    Tusen Takk (Thank you)

    Norwegian Kingdom Fan πŸ˜‰

  6. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Fahrenheit451

    Thank you for the chapter! The coming events will heat the battle up hotter.d

  8. thank you very much, really awesomeee~

  9. Boo

    Thank you TF!

    Anyone notice the visible difference between Kyoukai and Shin in action? It seems Shin still hasn’t mastered the glaive as well as his sword, he’s using it more like a baseball bat when plowing through fodder but Kyoukai actually cleaves them all in two.

    Or maybe it’s just the difference between a king’s sword, a priestess’s sword, and some regular old glaive. I’ll bet Ouki’s glaive will let him cleave again!

    • Kuga

      I agree with you now just because he hasn’t mastered the glaive yet as noticed by Gai Mou but their martial level is almost the same when they fight in a real war according to me.

      (I hope that my English is understandable ^^) .

    • Johan Cruyff

      I notice it too. However, I think mastering glaive is one of the necessity for a commander who leading the front. Give him time, he’ll definitely master it.

  10. Bill

    Thanks for your hard work.

  11. thanks..

    ryuutou is doomed. Kyoukai will not fail to take his head for the second time

  12. lololovelola

    THANK YOU!!!

  13. Okami

    Thank you very much, great chapter!

  14. Hyuu

    Breaking when Kyoukai returns…much much hatred***…how dare u pull at my strings like that…

  15. MaggieB

    Thanks for the hard work!

    KYOUKAI! This ending gave me so many feels.

  16. oO

    What an entrance…

  17. Robert

    Are you guys already working on c470?

    • No. Copy pasted from the FAQ:

      Q. Why does the English release come out late?

      The Korean and Chinese Kingdom scanlation groups typically release up to a week before the actual official release date of the magazine that Kingdom is published in within Japan. (This has now changed w.r.t. the Chinese scans with the arrests of some raw providers in China)

      This is because they have access to leaked raws not available to the public. A chapter that appears on Sunday in Korean does not come out officially until the following Thursday-Friday! This is accomplished by paying someone who works in the supply chain of those magazines to illegally upload scans of them before they even hit the storefront.

      Turnip Farmers is able to translate from Chinese or Japanese. If an early release from a Chinese group comes out that is of acceptable quality, we will release an LQ chapter using their raws and re-release a HQ chapter from Japanese raws later. We can’t do anything about Korean scans.

      The English release will ALWAYS come out a day after the first Chinese release OR the official Japanese release (Friday-Saturday).

  18. madlock

    thanks for hard work
    …and also now we can become the king of qin

  19. TheJapanCode

    Hey I just started reading Kingdom a week ago and now I have caught up; thanks for all the translations. I was wondering, does your translations usually come out on the same day of the week (ie always on saturday)? I am just trying to add kingdom releases to my schedule that’s why I am asking. Thanks again!

    • Hamozus

      If you’re using Chrome there is an add-on called Manga!lifer that allows you to have a notification when new chapters of mangas you follow are published on your usual websites (for instance Batoto). You’ll have the Kingdom notification as soon as the chapter appears there. Just don’t forget to come here from time to time and thanks the Turnip Farmer team for their fantastic work !

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