Kingdom Chapter 470

Another volume down. woo.

Chapter 470: MF | Read Online



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162 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 470

  1. Thank you turnip for all that you do and everyone else please oshit and everyone on the team does their best to deliver good quality chapters as fast as they can. Lets not rush them just thank them for all they have done 😀

  2. Cloud

    Two page for the comments? Haven’t seen that since the old f5 spams attacks :).

    With all these raging leecher here, just wanted to says thanks and let you know you also have patient appreciative fans that are quietly spamming f5

  3. Vandro

    ty for the hard work ❤

  4. Not Ben

    How to get comments.
    The raws are delayed.

    I still appreciate all of your work and I hope you have a wonderful week.

    Troll them with a Hannibal chapter, That will be hilarious.

  5. hikennosabo

    @gongitraped, @oshit are you recruiting any staff? I’m a cleaner at Sense Scans, so I might try helping you guys out.

    • Not Ben

      They are not recruiting staff. (Check FAQ) Also keep in mind that they are based in Australia and they have regular jobs.

      • xyros187

        Hmm if that’s so, then I wouldn’t be of much help since there’s too much difference in our time zones. Ah well, keep up the great work turnip!

  6. Whoa… I just came here to check to see if there was a new chapter after realizing I hadn’t read one this week now that I finally got a day off from work and hot damn! Everyone’s going ape shit. It’s not even that “late” -_-.

    Oshit already wrote that as soon as they get the Japanese raws, they start working on it, so everyone needs to have more patience. They still have their own lives and jobs to deal with that aren’t Kingdom related. We’re getting free translations that they’re using their personal time on, when they could be doing a million other things. Honestly, it’s amazing that they have stuck in there all this time and have put out hundreds of chapters for those who read English. If it wasn’t for them, I never would have found this wonderful manga, which I appreciate very much. If people keep being impatient and whining/complaining, it could lead to the Turnip team saying screw it or think that it’s not worth the hassle and harassment. If you guys are so upset that a chapter is only two days late (from when they usually release on Saturdays), imagine how mad you’d be if they dropped Kingdom all together…

    • Demut

      “Oshit already wrote that as soon as they get the Japanese raws, they start working on it, so everyone needs to have more patience.”

      Yeah, see, that’s the thing. Apparently the Japanese raws have been out for a while now and guess what oshit boasted of earlier: That they always release their chapters within two hours after said raws are available :p

      So with that in mind it is kinda understandable that people are impatient. Ya shouldn’t have promised things that you can’t keep, oshit :3

      • Marc

        It’s not understandable for people to be impatient. It’s rude. We’re getting a service that is time-consuming and requires a lot of skill for free. If anyone doesn’t like waiting, they should try doing it for themselves.

      • Pokim Tan

        Demut, he dun own u anything..if u not happy, go and do ur own translation..he have his own life..he doing this for free

        • Demut

          Hello, dear dum-dums. I do not think that the Turnip Farmers owe us anything. How you arrived at that conclusion I do not understand. What I do think is that, yes, it IS understandable to display impatience when you were given a boastful ETA which subsequently was missed by over one order of magnitude. Being impatient in the face of those facts is hardly rude, it’s an obvious consequence. What IS rude though is to put the blame on those disappointed by the false estimate rather than the one who made said estimate. If you’re not certain that you’ll be able to live up to it then the wiser course would have been to zip it.

      • bman

        You sound like an entitled/spoiled little brat. If you want to read the chapter so badly then learn some Japanese, if not, then keep your mouth shut. Ungrateful readers like you are the source of sub groups quitting, How about you show some appreciation instead? They are using their own free time to release chapters out for us and all you can do is complain about it not releasing within 2hrs.

        • Demut

          Whom is this post addressed to?

          • bman

            Who else is complaining about the chapter not being released within 2 hours besides you Demut? Stop acting like a child and be grateful you are getting any English translated chapters. Beggars can’t be choosers.

          • Gnama

            I understand you Demut. He said earlier in the comments “The raw hits the P2P network -> we download it and release 2 hours later.”

            I don’t mind waiting though.

          • Demut

            If this reply was addressed to me then I’m afraid that I have to inform you, bman, that you’re one of the dum-dums 😦

            You see, I never complained. I am grateful for this and other scanlation groups’ efforts. All I did was deny the claim that any impatience on the part of us leechers was unjustified. My argument is that due to the highly inaccurate estimate for the release time (2 hours after the availability of the Japanese raws) expectations were built up and then cruelly “betrayed”.

            Is it a big deal? No. Am I mad at the TFs? No. All I’m saying is that the feeling of impatience is very much understandable given the aforementioned facts.

            So yeah, please chill out as well and save your fanboy zeal for someone who is actually putting down oshit et al. :3

            Oh and shoutout to Gnama who got what I was trying to say.

          • bman

            You sure have an interesting way of showing your appreciation and apparently you don’t understand the definition of “complaining”. I suggest you look it up before calling other’s dumb.

  7. to100comments

    F5! Hit them hardddd!!!!

  8. 100th comment (probably the only chance I’ll get to do this for a while). Thanks Turnip team for the hard work!!! You guys are the best ❤

    • Shit, never mind. Someone replied to something else and ruined it. Oh well, I usually don’t care about things like that. Just thought it would be fun, now I look like a dumbass lol.

  9. vwin

    sing a song-la la la

  10. Stunn

    F5 army out of rations. If this keeps up for another day, our F5 army will be decimated:(

  11. Daniel

    ch 472 korean raw out

  12. BEAST101

    Listen guys. Everyone here knows how hard it is waiting for chapter to come out.But remember these absolutely nice guys are doing this for FREE.
    Even if they promise to do it by a certain deadline and break tht said promise, i dont think people who just read whatever they produce without paying a single cent for it has any right to complain about this said promises.Now as for why this hasn’t come out its probably some real life shit so stop bitching and just wait for it to come out. i am damn glad tht they are even doing this and havent dropped this manga after 450+ chapters. As someone who can only read english, its quite hard to read managa when it is in Japanese,
    As always thnx a lot turnip guys

    • Belinda

      @BEAST101 you said it.
      Thanks turnip

    • iusih

      The thing is they haven’t even broken any promise. They said that will translate it a soon as it hits the P2P network. Seeing how they haven’t translated it yet we can only guess it has not arrived yet there. I thought the Japanese raw that was linked to was in pretty low quality, so maybe thats why they don’t use that version. I mean seriously what other scanlation group gives their readers as much feedback as turnip farmers, it’s almost as we have been spoiled by how good they are. And now suddenly everyone just starts complaining. Everyone should just fucking chill!

  13. F5 Army Lieutenant

    Retreat !!! F5 Army, Retreat !!! This is an ambush orchestrated by Kanki, and we are trapped because we are impatient… We need someone to bail us out of this page !!! ^o^

  14. ruche

    DONT RETREAT! F5 ARMY STAND YOUR GROUND. We just need to break trough one point! UAAAAAA!!


    I agree with Demut that you shouldn’t give a ETA if you’re not sure you can respect that ETA but yeah of course everybody has shits to do with their lives but yeah if you’re going through hard time or your private life is more important than your hobbies you should probably stop your hobby so you can focus on more important things in your life and if you’re doing it just for the people ( Ty Turnip Farmers ) you should definetely stop. Don’t get me wrong i do am impatient too but that wasnt to attack TF(turnip farmers) but to defend some people like me. And i’d like to thanks TF for translating my favorite mangas i’m impatient to read the next chapter but i’ll wait 4 the release 😉

    TL;DR: ETAs should be respected, you should drop your hobbies if you dont have the time and ty Turnip Farmers for translating a bunch of awesome mangas 🙂


      Sorry 4 my bad english i’m Canadian-French.
      I hope i’m not gonna get too much hate from this post.

    • Tek

      I didn’t want to say anything but WOW, how did it get to this. From Demut complaining to you suggesting him drop for missing a few day ETA. I hopes it just your bad English when you suggest him to stop and drop this. Missing ETA is very normal and it happens. If things come up, the guy can take as much time as he need. Not sure how you came to that conclusion, I’m sure nobody forced him to do 400+ chapters if he’s not happy doing it. I want to read too but i keep my mouth shut and wait. Not trying to make this any more drama but seriously, I’m not the one being rushed and I’m starting to get mad. I hope oshit is a lot more easy going than me.

      • Cloud

        Agree with TEK. Can’t tell if people are truly trolling or not anymore but hopefully this will help shed some light to bring out more supportive comments and not just fan the fire.

        They give out an ETA (E standing for ESTIMATED time of arrival). It is NOT a PROMISE, a BOAST, or them swinging their dicks to show how big they are by how quickly they can get it out than others (they’ve proven that multiple times). It is a quasi accurate estimate of how long it takes them to completely translate a chapter (see below for the break down from the FAQ). This estimate is if all the stars align themselves and let them work (2 people schedules together) undisturbed from start to finish. Just because the raw was uploaded late at a random times does NOT mean they saw it (due to work, sleep, life, other shit that isn’t our business) because they sure as hell aren’t spamming f5 like us. And it doesn’t matter what you “claim” you are doing by pointing out that it’s late (no shit*, they have clocks too) and even if you’re not trying to be “rude, entitled, impatient, a douche,” in what way do you think this will encourage them to release it faster? If i was them it would be the opposite.

        Control yourself (coming from the guy who just wrote a rant) and give them your support in the comments and even then it may not have an effect but it sure as hell have the opposite effect. (unless they really are the tsundere type). Thanks for the amazing work and commitment from a guy that’s replaced several f5 keys over the years.

        Q. What goes into Scanlating a chapter of Kingdom?
        The workload of scanlating one chapter of kingdom can be broken down as follows:
        Cleaning: 1.5 – 2 hr
        Translation: 1.5 – 2 hr
        Typesetting: 1 hr
        Redrawing: 30 min
        It takes us roughly 5 work hours or 2.5 hours each to complete one chapter of Kingdom.

      • I never suggested him to drop anything i just made it simple and clear that if you have shits going on with your life (working, sleeping, fixing important stuff) and can’t worry about other things (Scanlating, playing video games, reading, etc.) which make you unable to do your “other things” you probably shouldn’t be doing whatever your “thing” is. I never even mentioned that Turnip Farmers were in that situation i just stated that most people (No one from Turnip Farmers) are using their “Private Lives” (Without knowing them personally) as an excuse. You don’t know shit about what’s going on with them matter of fact you haven’t even seen them and i assume you never tried to help (Donate) them with their free work.

        [Of course its possible that they werren’t able to respect a 2h ETA shit happens but its a blog as far as i know it doesn’t take time to write a small post, thread w.e telling everybody the chapter won’t be released this week] or something the proof it took me less than 30 seconds to write this small paragraph. Everybody prefer being told that they aren’t gonna get something they’ve been waiting for than just being left waiting like a bunch of sheeps.

        Honestly i don’t care like i said, i do am impatient to read the next chapter but i’ll wait for it to get scanlated. That’s the last reply, post, comment you’ll get from me since i do have a “Private Life” and have other things to do than arguing with a bunch of people i don’t know since that’s not gonna help anyone nor stop global warming.

        I’d like to thank oshit for giving us some feedback and thank TF again for translating great mangas.

        Thanks for reading

        -No need to reply to this comment or anything its not gonna be read-

  16. Kaari

    It’s a shame that all of these numerous comments are about wether or not complaining about the time etc etc…

    Oh people, where is the F5 army I was so hyped with some months ago ?
    Stop the shitty talk about complaining or not, just wait for our drug to come and the longer we wait the tastier it will be !!!

  17. Mark

    Dear TF,

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into this manga. I am sorry for all the negative comments. Take as much time as you guys need to and once again thank you for doing all this hard work for free. You guys are the best.


  18. Alex

    I can wait, in the meantime I read the comments here, very entertaining and at each visit, there are 20 or so more 😉

  19. Demut

    Man, this has degenerated into quite the shit show. That was not my intention when I explained (and in no way complained about) people’s reasons for their impatience. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I propose that we refrain from making any more comments until the release of chapters 471 since apparently nothing good comes from them anyway.

    Godspeed, Turnip Farmers, I for one will just silently and eagerly wait for now, be it two more hours or two hundred more 😉

  20. Veggos

    I love you #nohomo

  21. vwin

    how about go play Dark Souls 3 while waiting? 😀

  22. Christian

    Double chapter release please. make it happen. I dont mind waiting, I owe them nothing

  23. jess

    have been F5 from the past 4 days, I am happy to see new “update”….comment update

  24. BEAST101

    Man i cant wait.
    i swear if its double chapter release tht would make my day !!!
    I have a guess the next few weeks in the kingdom series is gonna be pretty interesting

  25. Andreas

    Chapter 473 comes out in Japan 05.12, so no new chapter next week 😦

    ps: Do you guys think we can make it to 200 comments? he he

  26. P@nzerF@ust

    All these internet heroes ❤ F5 for ze lulz

  27. Holy shit, comments blew up.

    I’m currently at work. I’ll be checking Share when I get home.
    If the scans are out, we’ll have them out 2 hours after I get home.
    If they aren’t, we might go TL the Chinese version – (I’d rather not have to do re-releases though).

    • Hnnnnnn


      Just a curious question. Why can’t you use different source than Share? Others say that Japanese scans are available for a while now.

      • Oh hey, those are actually Japanese.

        Typically people post Korean or Chinese scans and I just ignore them. Those are normally already mangled beyond any hope of fixing.

        These ones are useable although they’re of lower quality than the ones from Share.
        We’ll probably release off these tonight given that there’s still no sign of raws on Share.

        I won’t get home for another 2 hours though.

    • Daniel

      Oshit unlike i rather have waited till this coming weekend you release the Hq ch 471&472 together for double the excitement

  28. Muhammad Awe

    your comment are the one that we’re waiting for..

  29. i just want to thank you for your amazing scanlations and for your efforts. sometimes a late delivery make us appreciate more the work behind our beloved kingdom. we don’t take it for granted…so thank you very much 🙂

  30. Johan Avril Yansen


  31. Andreas

    Looking forward to Kingdom 🙂

  32. FANFI

    based oshit senpai pls have my babies desu

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