Kingdom Raws and Admin Stuff

Alright, so I’ve gotten a large number of emails this week linking me raws online so rather than replying, I’ll just address them all here.

  • Going forward, we’ll only be using raws off Share.
  • The latest I’ve ever seen a Share raw come out is Thursday the following week.
  • We won’t be doing any releases off Chinese scans.
  • I will not be replying to any emails linking me raws.
  • Only email me if you find a Japanese raw. I still won’t reply but I’ll take a look at it to see how good it is.
  • If you can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean, go here –,-Japanese,-and-Korean-Writing-Apart
  • If you STILL can’t tell the difference, do not email me.
  • This is going to piss off some people. Oh well.


If you are a godly cleaner that wants to clean raws from web sources like at contact me. You will need to be able to redraw to stitch the double pages together and check / search for the raws yourself.

If you are able to purchase the Young Jump magazine every Thursday or obtain it by questionably legal means earlier, contact me. You provide the scanner and we’ll pay for your magazine subscription.

If you are neither of these, thanks for your offer but we probably aren’t hiring you. I’ve had offers from several people to translate from Korean and Vietnamese. I believe I’ve replied to you all but if I missed any, we aren’t looking for any other language translators. We don’t have any way to TLC your translations and re-translating from another translation is like playing Chinese whispers.

Spoilers in Comments

Please do not post spoilers in the comments. Linking to spoilers is fine but don’t say what happens in them. We don’t have any spoiler tags because this is a free site so play nice.



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26 responses to “Kingdom Raws and Admin Stuff

  1. Daniel

    Expected time of Hq ch 471 and if japanese not out yet for ch 472 will you release both ch 472&473 together once its japanese raw are out.i don’t mind waiting for them

    • 471 is already out on Share but we haven’t bothered to do anything with it yet. I suggest you just read 471 on batoto since the HQ for that release will only be replacing the double page spread. All other pages will remain the same.

      Chapter 472 will come out as soon as it’s released on Share. The same for Chapter 473. We won’t be waiting to release them together.

    • Robert

      When i saw the warning about spoilers I immediately thought of you haha

  2. Gnama

    Glad you’ll wait till share release, we will have the final version earlier. Anyway Kingdom is out every week so the waiting time between chapters will always be the same.

  3. usually I just read some raw on sen manga.. not sure about any info about other raws especially hq ones.

    but eh, I’m just patiently waiting for english release. don’t worry too much if you can’t release it because you can’t find some raws

  4. Veggos

    “Questionably legal” lol that was a good one

  5. Boo

    Don’t be discouraged, most of us are patient. By the way what does Turnip Farmers think of that new Kingdom promotional trailer?

  6. Boo

    Oh and will you translate the new databooks if better scans come your way?

  7. Okami

    I have none of the skills or abilities you’re looking for… to those that do, ganbare yo!

  8. Gordon

    Your hard work is really appreciated. Looking forward to your releases whenever they come out. Also appreciate the update info on how things are progressing. Thanks!

  9. michael

    Good work boys

  10. Zephyr

    So no more LQ pre-releases from the Chinese raws? I’m wondering because the FAQ still states that you guys do these.

  11. Zephyr

    Never mind, I just read two bullets down.

  12. So no Ch.472? Chapter been out for a while now. I tried to find potential times on the site but no luck

    • Cloud

      It was golden week last week and kingdom was on break. The chinese raw tends to leak a week early before the japense version comes back from break, official jap releases this week. Thats why it seems like a long wait for translation this week.

      • Cloud

        Longer* wait. Or maybe it just feels long to me because of these blasted cliff hangers

        • 472 had already been released. This week 473 would have come out if not for Golden Week. Next week would have been 474, but it’s going to be 473 due to the break. Perhaps someone was arrested in Japan again for putting the raws online or something else, who knows. I read that the raws aren’t on share yet which is the source the Turnip team are using, but others have found the Japanese versions on websites but they aren’t hq.

  13. slashershot

    Thanks TF!. Just writing to show my appreciation, wouldnt have known Kingdom without you guys!

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