Kingdom Raws Update

Just an update on what’s happening.

Share raws are still missing for 472. Probably due to Golden week.

We’re currently working on finding an alternative source of some reliable early raws.

Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we might have a big announcement in the upcoming week and less delays.



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43 responses to “Kingdom Raws Update

  1. Daniel

    We hope you get a stable raw provider as Kingdom has become very exciting

  2. vsuxxx

    keep it up guys

  3. musa991

    Thanks for informing us.

  4. James

    Hello Admin, would you clean Chinese or Korean raws now, so when Japanese comes out you just translate then fill the speech balloons?

    • Johan Avril Yansen

      Japanese LQ raw already released.. I don’t understand either why they don’t use the HQ korean raw and translate the language from LQ japanese raw.

      • Because the Korean scans are terrible quality and aren’t HQ? It’s also got retarded umaru watermarks everywhere. The Chinese scans are better but still over-leveled and heavily topazed. The best option is to clean the Japanese raw.

        Instead of any of those, we’re looking into other options instead. I’m hoping that this will be the last week we have of late releases.

  5. Gordon

    Thanks for the Update. It is greatly appreciated.

  6. tblader

    Most major series have been on a break this week.
    I really appreciate the work you do. I read a lot of ongoing manga and I can tell that you actually care about the quality of your work and always release it on time. A lot of groups just don’t bother
    Keep up the good work fam!

  7. Thank you Turnip Farmers for your service

  8. feel like a drug addict on withdrawal right now, so painful waiting for 2 weeks

  9. Newguy32

    Does this mean we will get translated chp.472 next week?

    Im new here idk how the schedule works

    • Schedule until now has been completely screwed up by our raw source not being as reliable as in the past. We’re working on it.

      Can’t give you a definite ETA on 472 as of right now unfortunately.

  10. Xatan

    so what happened to the place you got them from before?

  11. cdur

    as a newbie: could u tell me somethinge about the differences between lq and hq scans? is it about the translations? about watermarks (doesn’t bothers me for example? or what?

    • For our scans ONLY, our LQ releases mean they’re from either Chinese scans or crappy web raws. They typically have watermarks (we usually watermark over the existing watermarks with LQ DRAFT or pointless text).

      HQ releases are re-releases where we’ve sourced better quality Japanese raws without any watermarks and re-done the chapter from scratch.

      Honestly, you don’t need to worry about it if you just read from Batoto.

  12. oShit,

    Do you think you could maybe create a place for us to chat about Kingdom, forum perhaps? I know that you said that your main goal for starting the scanlation of Kingdom was to help promote an awesome manga. Currently, on the web there isn’t really any primary place for fans to talk about Kingdom. Your site probably have thousands of people lurking around waiting for chapters. I am sure that having a forum or maybe chat box for these passionate fans to discuss about Kingdom would be great.

    Best regards

    • A chatbox or forum can’t be made on this website since it’s free. I’m too lazy to set up a proper website.

      There’s no centralised place to discuss Kingdom but there are several communities dotted around the web.

      e.g. reddit’s /r/manga subreddit always posts a discussion for each chapter and sites like Batoto and Mangafox typically have their own comment sections or subforums for manga titles too.

      Honestly, our site doesnt have THAT many hits compared to all of those options and I’m too lazy to try and do that sort of thing.

  13. Supernova

    i never ever posted here, but just wanna express my thanks.

    i come here daily, several time to check, i am impatient, but i never whine, and i feel like many people are like me. when we see bad people comment, nobody relate to that because we are very grateful to you bringing us this amazing manga and helping us broaden our knowledge of the chinese culture (chinese friends impress lololol).

    This story is so catchy, and without you, we would never know about it. big thanks. good luck, and me and all the silent masses behind will be looking forward to the announcement! cheers up! 🙂

  14. ~

    CH 473 SPOILER
    *More on the replies of the linked thread.

  15. Veggos

    I’m gonna cry from happiness when this chapter comes out. Thanks for your work tf

  16. Cleber

    Don’t worry guys, you are awesome just for be releasing kingdom as soon as you always do.

  17. Anon nice spoiler link, almost all raw pages photographed

    • isrnick

      There are 7 pages, maybe 9 pages if you count the small pieces, a typical Kingdom chapter has 18 pages, so there are still several pages missing. Which is good because it could mean that there is more content in this chapter.

  18. don’t mind with those delays. Waiting for HQ is better than reading this awesome manga in shitty LQ releases.

    If we see it in the positive side, delay = chances to get more than 1 chapters/week in the upcoming weeks.

  19. jess

    “Hopefully, if all goes to plan, we might have a big announcement in the upcoming week and less delays.”
    looks like you guys found new raw provider, hope it works

  20. Daniel

    ch 473 korean raw enjoy and oshit if the new raw prodiver gives a HQ ch 472&473 together could we expected a release of both chapters at the same time

  21. musa991

    Is there any chance of 473 coming up early this week?

    • Robert

      I don’t think they’ve been able to get a hold of a HQ 472… Let’s think about 473 when 472 has been acquired.

  22. don slime

    i think sticking to an old high quality is well and good, but isn’t it taking a bit too long. i mean the next two chapters are already out in korean. Just my rambling my thoughts. But always grateful for turnipfarmer releases.

  23. Kimba

    Anyone got a site with a list of all the players in one page with pictures? Came back after a while and I forgot a lot of the characters.

    Adults only:

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