Kingdom Chapter 472 LQ

Well, here’s our translation of the chapter. If you’ve already read the Game of Scanlation scans, they’re pretty close enough that you don’t really need to read this.

I kind of find it fun to read them side by side and look at the differences though. We actually translated this on the weekend but never released it so you can look at how 2 different groups arrived at their own translation I guess. I think Game of Scanlation translated from Korean?

Both scans are using the Chinese raw so everythings overleveled, overfiltered and chock full of watermarks.

I am beginning to suspect that whoever uploads Kingdom to Share has suffered a heart attack or something.

Still working on finding some reliable raws. No exciting news yet. Tame Impala is awesome.

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49 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 472 LQ

  1. mac


  2. duhh

    chinese or korean, it doesnt matter, keisha got raped


  4. Daniel

    All hail General Shin and Oshit i wonder if you ask those guys to translate the korean to japanese for you until you get a proper raw provider.I want to see the reactions of Kanki Raido and Koku’ou when they hear Shin killed Keisha.

    • oseas

      I know what you mean. All I’m really waiting for is to see Kanki and Koku’ou’s faces when they realise Shin did what he said he would do.
      Plus I imagine Zenou wouldn’t take too kindly for Shin killstealing.

      Oshit did say he doesn’t trust korean translations. They’re translating a translation after all.

    • Daniel

      I have been forgetting about asking the HQ version of ch 471 will be out when

  5. Hey, the person that did ch472 with the ch raws and kr translation here.

    I’m wondering if you’re planning to continue work on either the Ch/Kr raws even if they’re LQ, because if you are then there’s no need for me to do a LQ version of it as well, I had assumed that you were not going to as you were pretty adamant about it in your last post.

    Though I can’t agree on that those who read our version shouldn’t read yours, the translation is better in a way that gives a more fulfilling feeling, I’m sure most people who care about Kingdom would agree.

    • Hm, no idea really. This is actually the longest we’ve seen raws not appear on the Share P2P network in the ~2 years we’ve been pulling raws from there. We’ve never ever seen it go more than week before.

      I’ve been preoccupied with trying to find another source of raws ever since. Things are looking somewhat hopeful on that front but I’d rather not reveal anything unless plans actually come to fruition. It could just be more disappointment. 😦

      The worst case scenario is that we’re going to HAVE to use LQ raws if Share raws disappear and I can’t find any alternatives.

      I’m hoping that I can at least have a direct answer for everyone by next Monday or Tuesday latest.

      As for 473, we can’t do anything with it right now since we can’t read Korean. Feel free to scan that if you want. We won’t be releasing anything LQ unless Japanese text is released somewhere (We won’t do Chinese text translation).

      If Japanese text is available somewhere though, we will translate it onto the Chinese scans. Senmanga came up with the last 2 chapters in Japanese from somewhere but I’ve no idea when they came out or where they’re from. The raws on Senmanga before the last 2 chapters are actually compressed Share raws. If they release 473, we’ll translate the text.

      • Daniel

        I know when senmanga releases it raw its usually on Friday.I hope that people know that Shin may not use Ouki glaive when his a General as ch68 cover you see Shin with a shield and sword so it seems that the he will be using for a while

        • Daniel

          I love how the author make Shin seem bigger than normal due to the strength he possesses and any guesses on what chapter the arc ends

    • Christian Tagulao

      Thanks for translating as well. I am usually patient but the golden week and delay had me look at the rawsand I was really eager to see scanlations. I read both version and I guess I am just used to turnip’s version.

  6. Alex_And_Re

    Is the chapter of this week going to be released soon ? Thks for this chapter, good to see Shin beat the shit out of Keisha, i can’t wait to see Riboku’s face !!!

  7. X

    Wait there is another grup who is translating kingdom ?
    i will go there in w8 ……………………Or no, if i wanna check pictuers im checking raws but if im wanna feel story im here waiting for new chapter.

  8. thanks. I’m still (kinda) hoping for a miracle and we start having HQ raws from the sky


  9. Okami

    Hey guys, thanks for the chapter and all of the hard work!

  10. qaqel

    Sup farmers, Thank you again. All repect for GOS but I do like you better. Eagerly awaiting the next chapters.. looking forward to an epic award ceremony

  11. makfresh22

    Hey! Thanks for the chapter guys!!!…hopefully everything works out fine and gets back to the way it used to ^^ as always tho, looking forward to the next chapter!! ^^ can’t wait to see Kanki’s reaction to Shin’s feat :p, man’s gonna havta eat some humble pie :p

  12. Hotchner

    Thanks for the chapter! I wish you good luck to finding a new raw. And I appreciate the hard work of translating this and make it available to us.

  13. Anon

    Thanks oshit! You can definetly appreciate the higher quality trans.

  14. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!! Love HQ from you TF I really appreciate them!

  15. litbour

    Hi there,

    This chinese website posted a seemingly HQ korean raw for 473

  16. Jeffrey Henriques

    Looks good for a LQ! THANKS FOR THIS!

  17. As always, thx for the translation. By now I am used to the HQ versions and you can definitely tell the difference, but nonetheless I appreciate the advance. With LQ + HQ I have double the fun, once for the story and the hype and the second for the higher enjoyment of the HQ images and more vivid feeling. I’ve been around all along for the ride and I really appreciate your work. Wish you look in finding a new source of HQ raws.

  18. Kingdom Jap raws appear to be out on Senmanga. We’ll probably slap something together (LQ) tomorrow since I’m going to sleep.

    If anyone can figure out how to rip images from senmanga without having to resort to print screening their shitass excuse for a website, let me know.

  19. WesBeast

    I know several people that lives in Japan. I’ll ask them if they could scan for us

    P.s best chapter in a while!!!

  20. daniel

    ch 473 japanese split page can be gotten from tieba site.Hope its good enough oshit

  21. Alright, another update. Chapter won’t be out tonight. We should be kicking off with another source of raws tomorrow so we’re waiting for those.

    If that fails for some reason, we will probably release a LQ using the jap raws and korean scans in short notice on the same day, mostly driven out of frustration.

  22. Gnama

    Thanks, I must say the difference between HQ and LQ is literally like day and night. Hope we’ll have the HQ soon.

  23. Veggos

    I know there won’t be a chapter today, but i still opened the site 8 times already out of habit

  24. awi

    anyone knows if there’s MF link for chapter 471 n 472?

  25. Raito

    Are you planning on releasing a HQ version of this?

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