Kingdom Chapter 473

All right, big news: we’re happy to announce that we’re now working with Sense Scans on Kingdom!

Hopefully this is going to solve the recent unreliability of our release dates. woo.

Since we’ll be releasing this as a joint, we’re abiding by Sense Scans wishes to delay Batoto releases for a week. We’ll be using their online reader instead.

Also got to have them credit pages apparently. Though I do find it sort of funny that there’s a big “oshit” and “gongitraped” plastered on something that’s meant to be serious.

Anyway, hop on their site and chuck them a thanks!

Chapter 473: MF |  Read Online



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58 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 473

  1. oseas

    Gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Thanks as always.

  2. Gnama

    Awesome! Waiting for 471 & 472 HQ to read this.

  3. Veggos

    I think i’m gonna cry….just as i was getting ready to leave for the weekend to my village with no internet available, and there at the last minute check i see this….thanks a lot tf

  4. Arnaud

    Such amazing news !!!
    Thanks you again for all your work !!
    great chap !!

  5. algarban

    Thanks for the chapter! Well the new online page is going fast and nice quality. Nice news and a great chapter!

  6. musa991


  7. Belinda

    Great news, thanks as always

  8. Mystic

    Thanks so much! Is Saturday the expected release date for new chapters moving forward?

    • Not sure right now. They’re working on getting raws as early as possible.

      We’re just starting so it’ll take some time before thing’s settle and we can tell.

      • Joze

        Does this mean you’re not growing turnips anymore? That you two are now sense scans? Or is it really just a joint operation?

        • Well, we’re still doing translation, editting and typesetting. Apparently, I also proofread and QC according to the credit page, heh.

          Honestly though, we couldn’t care less about the extent to which we, as a group, are represented.

          People need to realise that there’s a reason this site is bare bones site and we never bothered much with credit pages. This is not an internet popularity pissing contest.

          So long as HQ Kingdom chapters continue to come out as early and consistently as possible, all is well in the world.

          If that happens to be in someway helped along by us or not isn’t really important.

          There are several factors that ARE important to me and that we’re still discussing with Sense Scans. I’d like to see this work out long term though, it seems like readers would benefit if this becomes a long term collaboration and that’s more important than anything else.

  9. Xyros

    It’s my pleasure to be working alongside of you guys 🙂

  10. Andreas

    This is Awesome News 🙂
    Thanks a lot guys

  11. fknmibl

    As always, thanks for the update. Glad to see everything’s smoothing out 👌🏼

  12. inspiredKreatif

    woohoo.!! thanks for all the work you’re doing to make this happen. Really appreciate it guys 🙂

  13. gn_x00

    a bit sad on the delay for batoto, but eh. Thanks a lot for this chapter!

    • Yes, I actually disagree with this a fair bit. Not going to explain my reasoning as that’s probably a wall of text but as far as I can tell, there are only 2 rational stances.

      1) Ban ALL aggregator sites completely and force everyone to use your site.
      2) Release it everywhere.

      In any case, it’s a compromise I’ll live with if we do get Kingdom consistently and earlier.

      • gn_x00

        yeah, doesn’t really make sense that batoto got a delay where other sites that usually steal translations for money doesn’t get any delay (cuz they steal).

        but eh, I agree.. as long as we get those kingdom HQ consistently and as long as you guys keep updating this wordpress it’s all okay. I follow this wordpress to get those kingdom scanlation info anyway

  14. Blimey

    Yay.. Thanks man..

  15. makfresh22

    Thanks Turnip and Sense Scans!!!! and congratulations on your new collaboration!!!! ^^

  16. juice1286

    Thanks and congrats on collab.

  17. lololovelola

    THANK YOU!!!

  18. cindialai

    thanks for giving us this amazing series! you guys have a facebook page?

    • Nope, this site’s comment section is really the only thing I monitor regularly.

      It actually ONLY exists so I can answer any questions people have.

  19. doomroar

    Good thing i always download the chapter.

  20. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks for keeping up!

  21. Damn the quality is really good, better raws?

  22. Cloud

    so much manly sweat this chapter. Hard to distinguish them from tears. As always thanks for all the hard work.

  23. vwin

    Thanks! with a lot of love xxx

  24. Bluxe // Andy Dalton

    Thanks a lot! And now the circle begin again: I’m gonna keep reading chapter 473 and the parts that I enjoy about this arc until 474 is released hahahahahahaha

  25. i m a bit sad keisha has to die, but thats the war, the warrior pride

  26. 2542

    At this point “oshit” and “gongitraped” are practically no different than angry faces and smiling horses in Kingdom, what’s the problem?

  27. Iminoz

    Thanks a lot. Now I’m too excited to wait for chapter 474. Wonder what other Zhao’s comanders will do to make up for their loss, and what Kanki’s reaction on Hi Shin’s unit achievements.

  28. Mangadik

    I have seen a kr raw 474 on its same as the LQ. Have fun.

  29. Okami

    Thanks guys! Great work!

  30. Cloud

    Can anyone clarify what chapter the japanese release is on? Was last thursday 474 and this thursday 475? I lost my place and got confused with golden week, leaked early raws and delayed raws.

    • Johan Avril Yansen

      i don’t know if the japanese official release date is thursday, but we usually got raw at Sunday… So the last Sunday for chapter 474 and this Sunday for chapter 475.

    • The last official release was 473.
      474 is officially released tomorrow but has been leaked in Korean for a couple days now.

  31. Johan Cruyff

    As long as you still release it in Batoto, it’s perfectly fine. Nothing come bad when you join forces with others for your viewers satisfaction.

  32. Bluxe // Andy Dalton

    Do you know how the koreans get such good raws and so earlier? That amuzes me

    • They know someone who works in the magazine retailing industry pipeline and who is more than willing to break the law in order to earn a few shekels on the side… is how it normally goes.

  33. qaqel

    Any timeline estimation on next release? is there a fixed day now to expect a release or still irregular? anyway thanks in advance 🙂

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